First timers

Sister Pereira and I had a really good week. Thanks for your prayers. 
Sunday was really good :) Being able to go to church and take the sacrament makes me feel better because its a starting point for the next week. Having investigators in church is a really good feeling. We had a few people go for the first time ever :) and its like when you cook something and you know its really good so you tell your friend, hey try this, and you look at their face really attentively to see their reaction? Investigators that have accepted the preparation the Lord has provided in their life notice the goodness :) It makes me really happy to see their reactions, and imagine how Heavenly Father feels to have his kids finally come home for a visit. The speakers in sacrament gave good talks. Elder Fernando Araujo? or fransisco, I always forget. Talked about where are we going in life. Like take a look at your life. Based on your choices, where are you headed? He cited President Kimball who said, it doesnt matter how dirty your past, your future is clean. Doesnt that make you feel good? :) A sister in the ward has a boyfriend who is investigating the church, and she really wants to marry him but he has to get baptized first to meet her standards ;) She wants to get married the same day as his baptism :) Itll be really special. She has 2 daughers serving missions and talks to her boyfriend pointing to us and explaining, thats what my daughters are doing. 
This week we had interviews with the President :) I am so grateful we got to talk to him because I feel a lot of pressure on the mission to give an acceptable offer of work, but he and sister Souza made me feel more at ease, told me that I´m doing a good job and to continue. Who´s around that you can tell them that theyre doing a good job? It can make someone´s day! :) So, take the following personally. 
 :) You´re doing a really good job. Im proud of you. - love, Jesus Christ
He trusted you with his name, letting you be baptized into his church, and talks to our Heavenly Father on your behalf. I think its something like, how can we let Norma see that we love her today? Or what can we put in Ken´s day that´ll let him be happy? Or lets find something funny that Yolanda can laugh at. Or lets help Kenny do really well on that project he´s working on. 
I love you, and I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you, and theyre rooting for you :) Thanks for helping me grow up to serve a mission.

Love Sister Miess

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