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Thanks for the emails, im glad to hear youre doing well :) 
The photo is of Joao Patricia and their kids, Leticia and Joao Lucas, and the friend of Leticia, Eduarda. They were baptized saturday and confirmed sunday as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints :) and Joao received the Aaronic Priesthood. This week Sister Pereira and I got to become part of a family. I feel like we were adopted because Patricia, the mom, said that we´re part of their lives now and told us she was grateful that we shared the gospel with them. It was really special. On the mission I´ve gained a greater understanding of how important the family is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Obviously im not with you guys at the moment, so having a family share such love for us was really tender. 
This week Sister Pereira and I got food poisoning and it was not the best wednesday and thursday we´ve ever had :p Ha we were stuck in bed except when we were throwing up. Imagine two defenseless people trying to take care of each other. But we were blessed by our ward missionaries Tallita and Liraianne who came to our rescue. They called a pharmacy to send medecine, brought food, cleaned our apartment, and nursed us back to health practically. It was the biggest act of service I´ve received on the mission, and really left an example of charity that i want to apply in my service to others. 
Bishop gave a really good lesson in the Gospel Principles class about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and mentioned tribes and lineage during it, which has always been a really big question for me because I dont understand the significance of why we need to know what tribe we´re part of. But the more that i understand the significance of the family, i understand the significance of being part of the house of Israel. Also, we have a fantastic Bishop :p after talking about some investigators with him, I asked him to explain some things. Its awesome how much scripture knowledge clears things up. A blessing of the scriptures for sure :)
This week we have interviews with the President :) I like meeting with him and Sister Souza because theyre the closest parent figure we have I think, because theyre concerned with our growth and success. Something I think is interesting is how with the gospel, its a gospel of happiness, so i think... I have the key to success... this is a piece of cake, and then think... why dont i get it yet? :p And then i think of that scripture in 2N28:30. Line upon line, precept upon precept. Elder Bednar has a talk about it :) You should read it, itll help you understand how the Lord can help you and grow your faith. Have a great week :) I love you

Sister Miess

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