New companions

This week was full of blessings :) 
I met Sister Skousen(21) and Sister Pereira (19) my new companions :) They are wonderful and really good missionaries. Sister Skousen is from north carolina and sister pereira is from campinas brazil :) Because of medical reasons sis skousen went home to get a treatment but will return to the field soon. It was really sad for her to go because we all bonded so quickly, but its good that shes getting help and until she comes back shes going out with the local missionaries in her area :) 
Sister Pereira is working really hard and sharing her testimony of conversion to the gospel with the investigators :) Her testimony and sister skousen´s testimony really helped and supported Vera this weekend who decided to be baptised :) It was a miracle baptism, I´m certain that Heavenly Father placed Sister Pereira and Skousen and our district leader elder lima who interviewed her, here for her specifically. 
Also, Im terrible at using the public bus system :p Sister Pereira was put through the test of fire for if she´d trust me or not because after dropping sister skousen off at the mission office we took the bus home. But sister pereira fell asleep and i all of a sudden thought, ! I think we should get off the bus now, i think we´re close! .... ha. :p So i woke up sis pereira and we get off the bus, and i realize i have now idea where we are. :p After 2 hours, and 2 other buses we got home and she still loves me :) 
General Conference was wonderful! We are really blessed to have a living prophet and apostles. President Monson said that now is the time for missionaries to work with the members and spread the gospel. So I´d like to invite you to ponder and pray about how to make time for the missionaries in your area, it might be a sacrifice. But obedience to the counsel of the prophet will be worth more than what you sacrifice. I know that your testimony will grow and you´ll feel the love and gratitude that Heavenly Father has for you personally when you make time for the missionaries. Im excited for the conference edition of the ensign to come out to make better notes and goals for how to improve based on the apostolic counsel they gave :) 
Dont worry, Ill take a member with us the next time I have to use an omnibus so that we dont get lost. I love you guys :) Have a great week! 

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