4 months old!

So :) I am now 4 months old. This week is probably the most impactful week I think that Ive had so far. or at least that i remember at the moment. 
Yesterday we had the baptisms of Maria Clara, the sister of Brenda Maria a recent convert, and Rosalinda, the friend of Claudianna, a recent convert. It was a little difficult planning for it because Maria Clara´s dad picked her up to spend the weekend with him without telling her mom. And our phone broke, and we couldnt call our district leaders to reschedule her interview to make sure she´s mature enough for baptism because its a rule to leave your phone at home.To make the story quick, we ended up calling all of our leaders from the house of a member, even the president trying to find a way to get in touch with our district leaders. But in the end, she was interviewed and baptised :) Also, today was transfers. We gave our pesquisadores and recent converts and members a heads up, but we told everyone no worries, we have a good chance of staying... we thought we would receive 2 more sisters for our house, each of us train and split our area. Last night when the phone call came of transfers, we were in the house of our neighbor/ex relief society president. It doesnt have speaker phone but Elder Galves told me, ok sister Zeller will leave the area and you will stay, prepare a backpack because youll stay in the house of other sisters until your new companions arrive. and i asked what? and he repeated it, and asked, understood? and it was just not expected :p Sister Zeller didnt hear any of it she just saw that I started to cry and knew someone was going to leave, but she thought it was me :p I told her what Elder said and she cried too and we hugged. It was probably the best house of a member that we could have been in because theyre really close to us emotionally too. Zeller especially, shes been in the area 6 months. We packed and cleaned and listened to music, and laughed about how wrong we were, and other things that we remembered during our time together as companions. It was good :) 
Transfers is held only 10 min away from our house, so we figured we´d walk :p HA with all of Sister Zellers luggage... thankfully a nonmember neighbor of ours saw us and thought we were ridiculous and offered a ride. At transfers, Sister Zeller got called as 1 of 4 new sister leader trainers :) her and sister Bailey, will be leading 1/2 of the mission, and 2 other trainers will lead the half im part of. My training is officially over :) Im a missionary. We will be receiving a LOT of missionaries here til december our mission will double. President called me to train 2 new sisters arriving tomorrow. I was really grateful for the calling and overwhelmed a little bit but im going to pray a LOT. Things about the companionships of missionaries is that theyre inspired by God, because it has an influence on the work we produce. So the president prays and fasts for guidance and sensitivity to the spirit, and according to that, chooses who trains who. Ive been feeling lately that i dont pray fervently enough, and that I want to improve my prayers. :) Heavenly Father gave me something to pray about ha. This also means ill be in a trio... Im one of 2 trios in our mission, president doesnt like them because its hard to balance the emotional and work load. So mom n dad... how do you love your children equally? Ill let you know about them when i meet them tomorrow :) and ill send pics too. 
Good news :) I made a goal to talk to people i meet on the bus. Im getting better at it. I dont ride the bus very much, but today i did because im staying with the other sister, sister brown from utah :) and I talked to 2 men, one gave me his address to send missionaries and the other has a friend who´s mormon so i invited him to talk to the missionaries. A cool thing the ward did was make invitations for general conference, so i took a bunch to hand out to people :) Theyre not in my area but i hope they go. Hows your missionary experiences going? An example that i remember from Larissa is that she would always pray to have missionary experiences. Try praying for that, and praying to recognize the experience when you get it :) 
The gospel is worth sharing. Its worth learning about, its worth living, because the reward is eternal life with our Heavenly Father. Thats kind of hard to comprehend at the moment, but ultimately it means happiness and love. Im so grateful for my mission because its a testimony of how much i need to be strong in living the gospel. through the action of LIVING it, not just being a member, we get to experience the blessings. President Souza shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon with us, and he said that the book of mormon contains the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Our Bishop shared his testimony of the book of mormon too this week. He said he had to work to gain his testimony of it, it didnt just come for it. But after he gained the testimony, he couldn´t doubt it. The power of the Book of Mormon is real, because its sacred scripture from our Heavenly Father as revealed to his Prophets. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that by reading it, we can feel our testimonies grow, and the power of the gospel in our lives as we apply the teachings to ourselves. Some people say, ``i didnt need to read it to know it was true... `` ok, you know its true, now what? you have to read it to feel the significance in your life, and see the influence of the spirit change things for the better as you gradually become more like Christ. I know that Jesus Christ established a church for us, and that its here on the earth today, with the authority to do saving ordinances like baptism, and sealing a family for eternity in the temple. And Im really grateful to be a missionary for that church, and feel the power of Christ through repentence, and strive to live the principles each day. Thanks for raising me in the gospel. Its made all the difference :)

I love you, Sister Miess :)

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