Being a friend

Hows it going? :) 

Something I noticed this week is that when you´re a friend to others, you dont have to worry about if you have friends or not. Whoever is a friend, always has a friend :) 
This week is the last week of the transfer so we´ve got a lot to do. President always likes us to make sure we have a reserve of investigators, updated area book, clean house and our luggage packed just incase we´re going to get transfered. 
Are you excited for General Conference? :) Its coming up soon, I´m so excited to watch the sessions. President emphasized that conference weekend is still a baptizing weekend, so our stake is planning to hold the baptisms in between sessions. 
I´ve gotten a sudden interest in family history research and quickly realized I know very little on the subject :p dad, will you please send me a family tree? I have the program from my last sunday in my diary and i saw that dad´s name was listed under callings family history research. 
This week my companion shared music with me from the youth website of its so cool! If you havent checked it out yet, its really good. 
I was proposed to this week during training with the zone :p we practiced teaching the law of chastity and role played. Our zone leaders were the missionaries and an elder and I pretended to be a non married couple without kids. The trick is to play off of the wife ;) so the elders asked me, do you want to get married? and its practically every woman´s dream. so i said yes, i want to have kids. and they started talking to the boyfriend and were like, are you listening? taught why we need to get married, the blessings of getting married, and then told him to ask me to marry him. Almost everyone here just lives together without getting married. They call themselves man and wife but never legalize it. So the law of chastity is a really important lesson to teach. God´s commandments really are for our happiness. It blesses us with more respect for one another, more strength as a family, and sensibility to the spirit among other things. I love you :) Ill send a letter with more details, we´re gonna run to the grocery store. Have a great week! 

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