So :) This week has been such a good week! 

I think the thing I like the most is when I notice the blessings that Heavenly Father is giving me. Sister Zeller and I talk a lot about that we´re like, look at all the work we´re receiving! The pesquisadores are prepared by God to receive the message of the gospel, its incredible to see how things line up in their lives to meet us and learn the teachings of Jesus Christ. For them it really is like they think its a coincidence! Today I tried being more attentive to promptings. So we were on the bus and I sat next to a man and had the feeling, maybe I should talk to him... and thought eh. nah. But then I thought, well what if thats a prompting and you decided not to listen to it and missed a good opportunity? and i shrugged it off again! and then it bugged me because I was like, if you listen to the prompting and it goes well, its like training, if not, you´ll never know... so i talked to him :p 
haha :) turns out! he met the elders at his house last week and had another visit with them this week and said he´ll take his family to church on Sunday. It was a good talk! He said it seems like God really is putting missionaries in his path. I was so glad I talked to him! Its cool to think that people I see could be people being taught by other missionaries. Pres Vandenburg sent me an email about how people think its coincidence when things happen but we know its the spirit :) It helped me think, if I get a thought, Ill take it as a prompting and see what happens. I think the more that I do, the more promptings Ill get because Heavenly Father knows that Ill act on it. I want Him to know He can count on me. 
This week Sis Z and I went to eat at a luncheonette for lunch and when we were finishing the server said that a man already paid for us! Another server said, God paid for your lunch today. We were really touched by that blessing. A lot of times w Sis Zeller we´re like how can we show God we´re grateful for everything we´re receiving? and the answer is to work! :) We´re here to help God´s children come unto Christ, so the more service and work we give, the more gratitude we´ll show is our thinking. 
We had some baptisms planned for this last sunday but they fell through. Joice is 14 and lives with her mom but moved into her grandma´s house, so we rescheduled our visits. Aline was interviewed for baptism and everything was good to go except she needed signed permission from her mom because shes only 17 and her mom lives in another city. She lives with her friend Patricia´s family. Patricia is like her mom kinda, and has a daughter Leticia thats 8. Originally Leticia was going to wait for baptism until her dad got back from rehab but Patricia decided she can get baptised with Aline now. I could have described that better, did that make sense? :p ha this week we have 2 possible weddings from other pesquisadores :) Joice and Janderson are definitely getting married this week, sexta feira in the tarde and the baptism that night. The next day is a reception and we might get to go for a bit if our presdient lets us. Then theres Fabiola and Gleyson, who are waiting for their paperwork to come back from the Cartorio. The wedding legal process is different here :p But as for Their reception, the releif society is planning it at the capella :) and theyll be able to be baptised after theyre legally married. 
Brenda Maria´s younger sister Maria Clara will be baptised but we want to teach their mom and see if she´ll accept baptism too. We´re going to see her tonight :) if she does... we´d like them to be baptised on the same day. If she´s not interested, then the baptism is planned for Sunday. 
Oh one more thing that was really neat this week. We went to the capella to find a priesthood holder to give a blessing for a pesquisador who is sick. A counselor of the stake presidency was there and called our bishop to go with him. When we showed up, our pesquisador had left! She wasnt even home... :p but the neighbor is also our investigator so we introduced HER to our bishop and they gave her a blessing because she actually has a serious illness, and bishop asked if he could help her with her legal documents because shes trying to gain custody of her kids but she doesnt know how to read... theres a lot going on there. But the point is. That the priesthood is awesome. To be able to call someone and say hey, can you give a blessing to someone? and they show up, and help organize someone´s life and sincerely bless them, make them feel loved and like theres help and hope in Jesus Christ. It was really neat to see. It was like when the Bishop met her, he could tell he was suppossed to meet her that night. Then, the next day, we found out that 3 of her older sons who live with her mom were baptised in the last few years and fell inactive. I feel like my thoughts came out in a scramble today ha :p but the point is, the things we think are coincidence and the schedule changes and plan b´s... it really is God´s work. He really knows whats going on in our lives and everyone elses, and through the holy spirit, He blesses us and lets us know, Hey, Ive got you, and I can help. 

Im really grateful to be a daughter of God. I hope you have a great day! :) And if you get an idea like hey i should... or whatever comes into your mind, take it as a prompting and see how it goes :) Im making the effort this week to listen to promptings. 

I love you!! :) Sister Miess

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