Mothers day!

this week has gone really well :)
Boy did I luck out with my companion. Sister Molina is wonderful! I was gonna send a pic but the computer im at doesnt have a memory card slot. She´s from el salvador :) So imagine cousin Joseph and Jennifer, she looks like she´s their sister :) It´s like she´s already done with training because she teaches well and speaks really well already. Its true what they say about the new missionaries, they´re coming in even better than the last ones :p 
Today we had choir practice and it went really well :) it took up half our prep day but it was worth it. NEXT MONDAY we´ll get to skype for mothers day!! :) i am so excited. 
Sunday was testimony meeting. I felt like the month passed really quickly. But it was great to see members jump up to bear their testimony. The best part was when Reinaldo (11) that was baptised sunday after church asked if he could bear his testimony and went up and shared about how he knew he needed to be baptised and it was here that he was going to get baptised and feel God´s love and how he hopes all the kids can get baptised. It was really special. His sister was there too. 
I think the best part about the mission is how it changes people. The missionary and all the people (s)he influences. It helps me because seeing the change in myself and thinking, im a different person now, it makes me think about how other people can change too. The spirit can do wonders. Like that feeling of having mom at home, it can just warm the place up. Ive been reading my patriarchal blessing and it really helps me ponder about the type of missionary/person i am. I also like reading the book of mormon. Sometimes its frustrating seeing people that havent figured out the importance of the scriptures choose not to read, and i keep thinking, how can i help you see the importance?? we can´t grow if we don´t read the scriptures. Because the words guide us, but also it fills us with the spirit and protects us from our weaknesses. I´m really glad i have a companion to help protect and strengthen me too. Our house is such a fun place to be because the four of us are founded in the gospel and we support each other and talk openly. But i know that the mission is teaching me way more than im teaching others, but im going to work hard this week to try and give back a part of what ive received. I love you guys :) 

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