The Power to Choose

It was so great to skype yesterday :) 
I feel really blessed to have you guys as my family. Sorry I forgot how to speak spanish :p everything is coming out in portuguese now. Maybe Kenny will get a portuguese speaking mission and all of your kids will know the language :) 
This week was really neat. At district meeting we received training from the zone leaders with ideas of how to work with the members. They said that in their wards theyve done a 40 day fast calendar, where a member signs up for a day and theres someone fasting for the missionary work in the ward every day for forty days. I´ve never heard of it before, but I think its really cool if you guys want to try it in the universal city ward. Who is the ward mission leader? 
When I first got into the mission I decided I wanted to be the ward mission leader when i got home, but its a priesthood calling :p I can be a ward missionary though. 
Today we had choir practice and it is sounding really nice :) Sister walker is leading it and shes doing a great job. Its great that our mission has some really good piano players and a violinist to accompany. I want to fast and ponder about questions that i would like answers to, and prepare myself to receive the apostle´s message. 
Here with Sister Molina we´re working well together. We are meeting new people to teach and try to help them see the importance in taking their belief in God, and turning it into faith by acting on it. Acting is so hard for some reason. Its like laziness has taken over the world, but that´s how we can be rewarded or feel satisfied with our lives is through our actions. Preach my Gospel is a really good tool because when i think, `how can i help them understand` i can turn to preach my gospel and it shows me what to do. If i follow what it teaches, and have the spirit with me, it works out. I tried it the other day with a woman we met who was sitting outside with her family. Preach my Gospel said to talk about the importance of the family when you meet someone, so we did and they let us teach them about the restoration of the gospel :) Some people are like boats with direction, that have someone controlling them and they move through water. And some people are like floaties and have no direction and get taken by the water. Like the scripture in the bible, james 1:5 
 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that 
wavereth is like wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.
The people that drift annoy me :p like will you go to church sunday? -I´ll go if he goes. Umm... you lose your purpose in living if youre just gonna copy what someone else does. The power to choose is a gift we´re given, because we´ll be judged by our choices and saying, well i did it cuz he did it, won´t be an excuse at the end. Seeing people like this makes me reflect on my own behavior. I know that sometimes I waver in my decisions, and I want to be stronger to choose to do good and not follow or be too mentally lazy to think for myself. I´ve noticed that I feel stronger mentally when I read the book of mormon, I know the book of mormon is sacred scripture written by ancient prophets and translated by a prophet of God, Joseph Smith, and since then, God has had a prophet of God directing the Church of Jesus Christ. Today the prophet´s name is Thomas S. Monson, and when we follow his teachings, we receive full happiness and direction in our lives. 
I love you guys :) i hope you have a great day

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