Loving the mission

Guess what! :) I love my mission. Ha especially now that its actually really started and we´re working with the ward missionaries and members and meeting the people of Maraponga. 
We haven´t moved yet, we have keys but are waiting for the contract to finalize so that the place gets electricity :) But we´re really anxious because the new apartment is literally newer, and cleaner. Sis C and I have become ruthless cockroach killers :p because our current house has overgrown weeds, literally as tall as me, so theres tons of bugs, even though we do a really good job of cleaning and mopping and washing all our dishes after using them. So the next apartment wont have that problem, and Ive started the mission w the skill of cleaning extra well now :p 
Sis Camacho is an awesome trainer, and the ward members are really caring, and our bishop is such a hard worker. Ok starting with bishop: he gave us a directory of the ward with active or inactive marked, and then emphasized who are recently inactive within the last 6 weeks so we´ll start there. Our ward members feed us really well... good thing we walk a lot, ha and we´ve also increased how much we run in the morning because of it, so far so good. The ward missionaries shared their schedules with us so that we can plan visits with them, and let them visit investigators or less actives to follow up on how theyre doing too. And sister Camacho :) She is the biggest blessing of all because it really is like living with a friend and working together all day. I learned her teaching style and we figured out how to teach effectively together incorporating the investigator. We received training on how to find out what the investigator needs, and help them. 
The key is asking questions! :) Because we really care about the people we´re teaching and want to help them, so asking questions is a clear way of letting them know we´re actually interested in them and what their life is like, and not just throwing info at them. 
We had a miracle this week :) We talked to a lady on the street who was sitting outside her house on sat, and her son came out and we told him we were invited them to church on sunday, and a brief message about how the gospel of jesus christ has been restored and is on the earth, and left a pamphlet with him. Halfway into the relief society (church is backwards here, 3rd hour, 2nd hour, sacrament) someone calls us into the hall and there is Otonel! :) The son that we talked to, with the pamphlet, n he said that he read half of it and stayed for all 3 hours and said he´d come back :) We´ll visit him tomorrow but it just makes me so happy to see that he recognized truth in our message, and wants to continue to learn about it. Because the church of jesus christ really is Jesus Christ´s church, the way that we can learn how to live according to God´s will, repent, and be prepared for when we return to live with them again. And when people start to understand that, the blessings of Christ´s love start pouring in :) Reading the bible, the book of mormon, words of the prophet, praying :) all of those things fill us up with exactly what we need in our lives at the moment. Whatever we´re going through, we can find out how to go through it by reading scriptures, and talking to our heavenly father about it.  I love the mission because I´ve learned HOW true these simple things are. :) 
I love you :) Please read your scriptures today, and pray about what you´re going through, it´ll always help because Heavenly Father always answers his children´s prayers.

-Sister Miess 

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