Improving the work

So :) This week was full of work, it was great, by the end of the week we noticed our teaching had improved and was more clear.
Our stake president invited our district for family home evening at his house and talked about how our attitude and goals effect our actions, it was a really good night. So, how did Sis Camacho and I apply what we learned to our week? We looked at who our current investigators are and how they´re progressing, who we should focus on, things like that. We ended up almost starting over. President Souza suggested we make a reserve of new investigators to teach, so we set really high goals as far as how many lessons we wanted to teach, and how many new investigators we wanted to have at the end of the week, and started talking to EVERYONE. Not really, but if we felt like, hey we should talk to that person, we did it. And the effects were incredible. For this week we analyzed who we want to focus on and feel a lot better about how effective we´re being as missionaries. 
One of our goals for lessons is to invite them to church, but ALSO :) the ward had a party this weekend, so we invited people to that. Its called Festa Junina, June Fest kinda, but it ended up being in July this year :) It was awesome, some families that we invited came, and one family even invited friends. The ward families invited their family members too, and the youth invited friends - there were tons of people :) Whatever church activity you have to go to, invite someone!  A lesson bishop told the ward last week was that ward activities arent for the members, its a comfortable environment for everyone else in the community to get to know the church members and see that mormons are normal people haha. There was line dancing and folk-dancing and tons of food that involved corn :) and most people showed up in plaid. I´ll send pics. But we are just so excited for the ward, the members welcomes the investigators and talked to them and the youth talked to the kids of the family and they all played together and became friends. It was awesome :) 
Strong wards retain more new converts. So all the current members work a little bit harder and stretch their comfort zone to let the others feel included. 
My invitation this week is to invite 2 people to church or a church activity this week :) You can prep your member friends that you´re going to bring someone and ask them to be friendly to them, let them feel welcome, and once theyre there, introduce them to people. Pray about who that you know that could benefit from the activity/church service, and its also good to pray for the activity that itll have something your friend needs, or he´ll get something out of it.
You guys are awesome :) You show who you are through what you do, Plan to have a fantastic week, pray for help and then work to make it happen.
Lots of love! -Sister Miess

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