Such a good day!

Hello Family :)

I am so happy today, so many great things happened this week. How did your week go? Did you make a plan for success? :)
I am just so grateful for how much Heavenly Father is aware of me personally and is completely supporting the work Sister Camacho and I are doing in Maraponga.This week we had 3 investigators in sacrament meeting :) We´re so glad. Sis C said its never been so hard for her to get people to go to church like it is here. Heavenly Father answered our prayers preparing those people to get to church. It was awesome, and even better because it was testimony meeting! :)
He´s showing us support through the members, our leaders, and our investigators, its really awesome to see. 
This week some youth planned a `Family Home Evening` and invited friends, it was fun they had people prepare a spiritual thought, a lesson, and games afterwards. We had investigators there so we got to go :) We left to go home and plan and get ready for the next day, and after we got ready for bed, there was knocking and someone yelled sisteres! And there were about 10 youth :) they all walked 3 blocks to drop off food for us and were like, you left before the food was ready. They´re super thoughtful, it was the best.
Our leaders are awesome. This week we ate lunch with our Ward Mission Leader and shared a movie about christ as the spiritual thought. Its a really good short film, its called reflections of christ, or another testament of jesus christ i think, but ill double check for next week´s email. Our bishop invited us over for hamburgers this week :) they were really good, not like the hamburgers in the states, im not even sure if they were beef lol, but it was fun, we talked about the people we´ve been visiting afterwards and he gave us counsel and advice. He wants to organize an open house for the chapel :) a really cool one that´ll draw people from the community too, with activities and food, and a tour of the church with spiritual thoughts about what we believe in and what each room is for. We told him we could help organize it so itll be a fun project for us. Bishop has awesome ideas :) 
Sister Camacho brought an idea from her last transfer called `Cookie night`:) its literally where we go to a members house, they invite a friend for us to teach, and we teach them how to make chocolate chip cookies. We´ve had 2 cookie nights so far and have 2 more planned, the members are talking about how good the cookies are, but we tell them the recipe is a secret , and they can only get it if they plan a cookie night with their friends :) its like an incentive for them to give us references. Another idea is english classes. We have an investigator Dayane who wants to learn english, so we started teaching her by reading the Book of Mormon in english and portuguese. We can only get through 5 verses but she and her mom really like it, and even read on their own while we´re not there :) so we´re excited about how thats going and want to order more books of mormon in english to offer a bigger class out of the church building. 
Our district goes in on pizza for the companionship that has the highest number of (x) whatever is picked out of a hat. And the District Leader won but sent us a pizza instead to congratulate us for the work we´re doing. It was super generous of him. Pizza here is almost like in the states but with olive oil instead of pizza sauce, and more cheese. 
Everyone around us is just pouring in the love. I´m really grateful for it. This week my testimony of prayer and fasting grew. Prayer is literally a conversation with God, He´s our father in heaven who´s like, what can I do for you today (insert name here)? and then you can say, `dear heavenly father, thanks for being there because i really need your help with....) and he´s like.. you´ve come to the right place, lets take care of that, here´s what you can do... And if you listen to the holy spirit He´ll guide you with how to improve whatever you´re working on, or situation you´re in.
Just keep praying :) At district meeting this week they said something great. He asked, how distant are you from God? and an elder responded, the distance from your knees to the ground. Im gonna stick that on the wall :p
Thanks for all of your prayers and support! I love the mission: and I love you guys :)
Love, Sister Miess

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