:) im so glad its pday. 

This week we had stake conference :) It was really good, there were talks about the atonement of Jesus Christ, they invited us to repent, and there were talks about what our purpose here on earth is. To gain a body, learn, and prepare to enter into the presence of God. The patriarch spoke about patriarchal blessings :) He shared a story about how a newly called patriarch was really nervous about giving his first blessing, and asked the stake president to write up an introduction of how its supposed to start. And he memorized it so that he was prepared, but when he placed his hands on the persons head to start, he didnt use one word from the prepared introduction! That patriarchal blessings are so sacred, that the Lord only reveals the words to the patriarch in the moment of the blessing, its truly the Lord talking to the person, the patriarch is just the instrument. And the Patriarch bore his testimony that he has no doubt, that patriarchal blessings are revelation from the Lord, and that theyre a thousand times more important than we think they are. Im going to read mine more often this week. 
To get to stake conference, there was a bus to take the members to the stake building, and Sister C and I had gone to pick up an investigator and his daughter to meet the bus. But the daughter is 4 years old and walks with teeny steps, and we were worried the bus would leave without us, so we took turns carrying her. The dad liked the conerence and said he´d share it with his wife when she got home from work. A member took 2 friends from work to the conference too, and we have lessons planned with them. The members are a big help in missionary work. We´re working with an investigator selma who is trying to stop smoking and drinking coffeee so she can quailfy for baptism. I like the word qualify because all are welcome to be baptised, but its a covenant that youre making with God to keep his commandments, and its until you demonstrate that youre ready to keep his commandmants that youre able to make that promise, because you have to be honest with god. We check how honest we´re being with God as missionaries with our numbers, which represent how we´re using our time, but personally we can check too. How honest are you being with God? Using what he´s given you up to its potential. I have a lot of opportunity to grow. Growth is awesome. Im going to look at which area i want to grow in this week and pray for help. God always helps, and Christ makes it worth it.  Thanks for all the support you give me :) I hope you have a great week.

Sister Miess

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