The transfer


I was transferred! Surprise :) It was an answer to prayers. Im in Jardim America now, and its wonderful! I´m finishing my training with Sister Zeller 21,from Oregon who also went to Byu idaho :) She´s just super great! She has 5 months of mission so she´s only 2 transfers older than me, but shes such a great trainer :) 
We have had the most successful week of our missions together this last week. It was wonderful :) This week we showed our love for God by the work we did. And God showed mercy for us by the results. We were challenged/ invited at district meeting to invite 3 people to be baptized by the end of the day on wednesday. So we prayed and worked and by the end of the day we had 3 baptismal dates marked :) It was completely the Lord´s preparation and its so cool that he shares it with us. Yesterday we finished the week with 7 planned. 2 couples and 3 young women. Im really grateful to be able to meet these people. The coolest thing is when they learn about the gospel and they get hungry to learn more :) and ask questions and have real interest. Thats when sharing testimony is fun because I know everything ahead of them as they prepare for baptism and grow closer to Christ and their Heavenly Father is the best thing they can do, and its what their Heavenly Father wants them to receive. 
So :) I have questions for you. What questions do you ask God? Because he answers prayers, so we should jump on that opportunity and ask away. Tons of the answers btw are in the scriptures, the Book of Mormon, and bible. Actually between the scriptures and prayer we really have all the information we could ever want. So :) have you thought about asking questions? Because He´ll guide you to the answer. The other day we needed a woman to go with us to a lesson to teach a man, and i said a quick prayer, where can we find someone at such short notice? And i got the thought, check the church. But it was the middle of the week around noon? We showed up and theres men everywhere... n after 5 minutes a woman came out of a room and was like sure ill go :) and heres my number if you want to plan anything else. I was like, :) god is good. How easy would it have been to swipe the idea away and be like, nah, no ones at church, lets try... I wouldve missed the answer to my prayer! So im trying to just act on everything. And by acting, I gain my testimony that its real. 
One more thing, the Liahonas are awesome :) or the ensigns for you guys. Read them :) and then give em away to your friends because its a really comfortable way to get words from the prophets and apostles, and nourish the spirit. 
This week :) I celebrate 3 months of being on the mission. It goes by really quickly. I love the mission because anything that you thought would be scary or hard about leaving your home for a while, isnt when you trust God. I really feel like im being trained to serve my Heavenly Father. Literally here on the mission of course but after the mission too. It takes away all the weird what if´s that keep you from sharing the gospel with your friends and coworkers because it strengthens my testimony. So, wanna accept a challenge? :) Take a couple ensign magazines with you to work, while youre on the plane for your trips you can read them and when you like a certain part, share it with your neighbor on the plane! :) or at home, or at the office. And let them keep the magazine :) like, hey, i was reading this about how to have more love in the family, or how to feel happiness and be grateful and wanted to share it with you. What are they gonna say? no thanks im not interested in the family or happiness? :p ha big chance theyll be interested :) please try it and see how it goes. Pray for a missionary experience, and then expect and work for it to happen :) and then please tell me how it goes. Ok more importantly, tell Heavenly Father how it went. Itll strengthen your testimony and you´ll feel your friendship with him grow.
:) I pray for you, and i love you guys. Thanks for supporting me. Its really the best! I got the letters from Sister Huff´s seminary class and glued em into a big journal ive got :) Please tell her thanks for sending me them, and to all the youth for writing.
love, Sister Miess

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