A short update

Hey Family :)
So I'm super short on time to write this week :) but here's some stuff that happened:
our district celebrated one month in the mtc, and we had a birthday party for sister nobelasco :) it was great, she was completely surprised :) We went to the police station for our visas, and our investigators are finally getting baptized! :)
During a lesson with Julianna we were going to teach her the law of chastity, and during the lesson her boyfriend shows up at the door, they have a fight and break up! :O we changed the lesson to how god prepares us for blessings after the trial of our faith. It was a really powerful lesson for all of us.
Marcio is going to learn the power of the priesthood :) and is doing a good job at living the commandments.
I love you all :) Thanks for the emails and prayers :) Ill send the next email from Fortaleza
Lots of love, Sister Miess

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