How are you guys? :) I hope its been a good week, I have really enjoyed this week, I learned a ton. Our pesquisadors are progressing which is a good thing because we were worred about Marcio for a bit there, but he understands the importance of keeping the law of chastity now, and the word of wisdom, and we'll see him again tomorrow. Julianna has accepted the invitation to be baptized and we'll teach her the word of wisdom tonight.
This week we went proselyting :) We handed out book of mormons and after they ran out invited people to church. It was a really neat experience, an embarrasing part is we forgot the address of the church! so we'd talk to people n they'd say yeah ill go to church where is it? and we were blank, haha. Good thing theyre locals and the church is next to the town plaza.
Did y'all have the chance to watch the mission conference? It was wonderful :) we watched it for devotional yesterday. I'm excited to hear from you guys on what your family mission plan is. One of my favorite parts was when Scott was mentioned, the man who was really open about being mormon like hey my name's scott whats yours? thats nice, where do you live? oh we have a temple there! are you mormon? well you should be, its a great religion :) have you read the book of mormon? well you should its a great book :)
How straight forward right? I want to be like Scott when I talk to people. Something I took away from conference is the confirmation that I;m where im supposed to be, and it told me its time to step up. I feel like im climbing a neverending staircase. But thats fine, because whatever you're capable of, you have the opportunity to ask for God's help and he'll answer you because you are his child, and you'll grow from where you are to what god knows you can be, and the time to do it is now, because he's waiting for you. So that made our goal planning session this week a little more intense, like what are our goals this week? and why are those things what we need to focus on?
Something I've been praying for is to be a better listener. That prayer got answered the hard way. My companion is absolutely wonderful, but this week I was not listening at all like I should have, and I felt like she wasnt listening to me either and we had a hard time planning for a lesson for our investigators. So our instructor helped us and gave us a lesson from preach my gospel chapter 8 number 13 about companionship talks. It was such a good lesson. One thing, I didnt feel like she was listening to me, but I wasn't talking so that she could listen either. Does that make sense? In PMG it suggests that at least once a week you talk about things you like about your companion, and dont like, and how to improve. My instructor said that when you keep things you don't like to yourself you're doing your companion an injustice because she doesnt have the chance to improve cuz she doesnt know shes upsetting you. and vice versa. We learned a lot more about each other. Something else I learned about listening was that when we are having a hard time deciding what lesson to prepare, if we're so focused on teaching what we want to teach, we aren't letting the Holy Spirit be involved because our pride (natural man) gets in the way. I have to keep praying for help with listening because the spirit has to teach for the investigator to become converted, rather than just accept what we're saying.
Something that came as a challenge and a blessing to my companion and I was that we were called as Sister Coordenadoras last week, I forgot to tell you. And one of the things we do is talk to all the sister companionships about how they feel with their companion. This lesson really helped because when we shared how our experience went they shared what theyre feeling n communication was a lot more open. I think the calling is exactly what I needed because it makes me think about others more. Hearing about other peoples struggles and strengths and thinking about how to help them, and caring for them, but they teach me so much!
We had a district of brazilian sister missionaries come in last week and at night when new sisters come we have a family home evening type testimony sharing get to know you meeting, and their testimonies were so strong! it was a room of mostly converts and one of my favorite nights that I've had here because I could feel how much they loved their Heavenly Father and knew how important their mission was to them already. That district is full of really great examples for me. In our room, sister Garcia and I have 2 new sisters from Peru who are fantastic to room with. We all have similar thoughts, and act on them differently. Like my companion is really tough and sister macambi is really really bubbly and sister roque is gentle, and we all talk at night about how our day went and what we think. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.
I have one more preparation day until i leave the CTM and become a real missionary. intense :) ok! have a fantastic week :) I love you!

-Sister Miess

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