Learning the language..

Lilly and Grandma Ramirez

Hello family!

I love it here. Its the best thing that has happened to me. Learning Portuguese in with the Hispanics is awesome cuz i think they're more fun than the Americans :) also I get to do more cuz we get real teachers and not computer training programs.

We had district interviews and I'm the new lidera trainadora, I train new sisters, report to the relief society presidency, and plan for Sunday meetings. I had a hard time loving the newly assigned district leader cuz his head blew up but I prayed for help loving him and with a little effort its not hard. We had an area conference and I sang in the special choir. Angels have taken over my voice! its so cool, singing is something I really like and just another testament of how prayers work. Ask and ye shall receive kind of thing. I am such a fan of prayer, because Portuguese is not as close to Spanish as everyone thinks. But the gift of tongues is real. I am absolutely fluent in Spanish, since day 1, and I had a really hard time even talking to my grandma in Spanish before I left. Also in Portuguese, I could understand every bit of area conference and took notes. It should be found on lds.org in the Brazil section somewhere cuz it was recorded as an inspirational missionary thing for Brazilian youth, you'll find me singing.

Some more spiritual stuff, I learned a ton about the atonement at mission conference last week, and during testimony meeting at church it was awesome, as a district we made goals to all bear our testimonies in Portuguese but our time ran out before my companion and I got up. I was crying like a waterfall n had to say the closing prayer! I couldn't even speak. But after a long long time of me getting my voice to come out people could hear my testimony in the prayer so i'm grateful for that. But I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me, and all of their children so much. It's insane how little I felt before and how much I thought it was. My mission is saving my life. Really, I'm growing at such a rate that I would never be ready for the next world if I hadn't come to Brazil and learned and met these people and had these experiences and its only been 6 days.

We went to the temple today and 2 people took out their endowments.  I was really nervous after feeling how much Christ paid for me to go in cuz I'm like how can i ever repay that? I felt inadequate, but once we went through I could feel how much God only wants my heart. And how my heart is more precious to him than all of his temples and possessions I could sacrifice.

I am finally grateful for the family! ha no offense but im really grateful for the fam now. You've helped me a lot for the mission. I'm sending letters later today with more information.

Ps. Our investigator went to church sunday, has a date for baptism next saturday, is reading the book of mormon, and is going to church with us again this next sunday. My companion is a rockstar :) We go together better than peanut butter and jelly. She's from argentina.

-Sister Miess

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