Ok! things to talk about. I'm great :) P-days are one of my favorite days of the week. We went to the temple on the nicest charter bus I've ever been in, and the seats felt like pillows :) the temple was awesome, our instructor Irma ferreira went with us and took pics. It was really nice, and after at the book store i got the child's hymn book in Portuguese and sister garcia and i sang some that we recognized on the drive home, it made us car sick but the songs are so nice :)

Our pesquisadors... ha. Ok well Julianna is now my favorite :) prob because i prayed for her more... i should even that out. But Julianna is gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon, she went to church this week and is praying on her own now :) she says the sweetest prayers, they're really humble.We're going to teach her more about Jesus Christ and invite her to be baptized this week.
 Marcio.... his baptismal date moved :p which is normal cuz they wont really get baptized until the last week we're here we're told, but now we're studying to teach him why the law of chastity is so important, alma 39 i think, and we'll be teaching him obedience, repentance, and recommitting him to live the word of wisdom. In our teaching schedule we went 5 days without seeing him, which is a ton! but he's going to bring his girlfriend to our next lesson so we can let her know we're not changing her boyfriend on her, and that all the things he's doing now with church, and not drinking, and why she cant sleep over anymore... are because he's deciding to follow God's commandments. :) hopefully it goes well.
Devotionals have been really great this week. We had one on the family a proclamation to the world, how it was written, why, and how when it came out 12 years ago everyone thought it was obvious but now in day we can see why its so important. Find a copy online and read it :) another devotional was on 2 kings 5, Naman the Leper, and repenting and being completely clean. The speaker told a story about how a surgeon has to clean his hands before he puts on sterilized gloves. like whats the big deal? but as a missionary, I've been called by God, through the prophet to represent his son Jesus Christ, the only perfect man ever. Intimidating much? but it was awesome, it just means i need to repent more often n keep working. He talked about 3Nephi5;13 and the testimony that can come from that. I am a disciple of Christ. Christ is the son of God, by him have I been called. I am a disciple of Christ because God has called me to his service, and I have been called to say only his words, so that you and your family can have everlasting life.
Forward huh? so to make sure i can say that with a clear conscience, i have to hearken to Gods words, which means the scriptures, purifying my heart and mind, seeking higher ground. Basically magnifying my calling so that I can teach with the holy Ghost.
If my words are hard to understand, check out and find a local missionary to explain what I'm talking about :)
church was awesome, there was a talk about being humble, the speaker contrasted how Christ was humble and Hitler was not. That sounds drastic but she explained it really well. What's Hitlers hand signal? its oppressive right? whats Christ's hand signal? his hands outstretched towards us :) i think 2nephi 29.. the last chapter says it. but there's a lot of scriptures that talk about how Christ always has his hand outstretched for us, inviting us to come unto him. I am so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ. His hand outstretched for me is exactly what I need in life. For when I want to follow him so he can guide me, and when I'm straying he's waiting for me to come back. This week I learned that patience and love go together. When Marcio committed to follow god's commandments and then told us he broke them, in my head i was like MARCIO :( you committed! n then I had to calm down because how many times have I told God i;d be good and follow him and then messed up? pretty much every day, and he still loves me, and is patient with me. I am so grateful that Christ atoned for my sins so that I can progress, and be forgiven of my mistakes.
I really really liked reading 2Nephi4 this week. if anyone wants to grab a Book of Mormon :) This week we're going proselyting outside Sao Paulo n we'll be handing them out. I love you :) I pray for you, and I know God answers prayers. He answers mine every day.Try it :)

Love you!

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