This week!
 Woah, so to start with our pesquisadors :) We have Marcio who is almost golden, and Julianna who is kindof a spiritual work out aka one tough cookie.
Marcio accepted the invitation to be baptised 2 weeks ago and is set for Saturday and being confirmed Sunday at church if the law of chastity lesson goes well :) but we had the word of wisdom lesson and he was concerned because he smokes pot and drinks coffee and said its healthy but we told him its a commandment from God and he needs to be obedient so he said ok :) and he reads the Book of Mormon and prays and is progressing really well.
Julianna lost her parents in a car accident and is mad at God, we've only seen her twice but we were able to crack the ice the first time because i made her laugh and the second time because i made her cry... ha what am i doing to her right? Well both lessons ended up being about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and wants to bless us. The first lesson my companion couldn't think of the word for angry in Portuguese so i made a scowl face and pointed to my eyebrows and with the other hand made like snake fangs? weird right... but i thought it would explain what angry was :p good thing she laughed cuz it was much needed relief for the lesson and she said we weren't like the other missionaries and that we could come back :) so the next lesson we were going to talk about the Book of Mormon because at lesson 1 we left alma 34 for her to read and figured we should let her know what she's reading. And we did, but then it turned into love of god again. She said that she couldn't feel that God loved her. I shared my testimony that sometimes I didn't feel like god loved me either, and i don't like that feeling because I know that that's all in my head. God's love is all around us, I can't hear him say i love you lillian, but I can read it in the scriptures and listen to the prophets who do hear god say it. My scriptures were open to 2N 26 and we didnt plan to share it with her but i figured itd be good, its the verse about milk and honey i forget which, so grab a book of mormon and read that chapter :) and she started crying, we let her know that as missionaries we're representing Jesus Christ and invited her to humble herself and love God, because he already loves her, and prepare for baptism. She's working on praying :) She said she'd pray that night so we'll check at the next lesson how that went.

This week! My companion Sister Garcia and I got confined to our dorm for a day because she had a sinus infection and could contaminate others :) I could leave to go get her meals for her, and we had study time and were able to nap too :) good day, until that day we had the dorm to ourselves, but as we were coming back from the medico with her medicine 2 new missionaries were moving in. Ha! welcome to the room, we're contaminated and contagious :) but no one else got sick and the new missionaries are great, theyll be here for a week because theyre brazilian and only stay for 12 days.

The temple :) We go to the temple every pday and its great. We take mini charter buses? idk what theyre called, but my district is awesome and we sang a couple church hymns on the way and then slept for the rest of the way :) things im working on for when i go to the temple: - pray, let heavenly father know where my heart is, it makes me feel better. -think of a question or something i want to figure out, today it was how to help Julianna's faith grow, and i think of all the bad feelings i might have and try to resolve them, cuz i dont want to bring that into God's house. It helps a lot! coming out of the temple i felt a whole lot better and prepared for the rest of the week. I have 3 more trips i think until I go to Fortaleza :)

Love you all!

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