Fast and Testimony

I´ve learned a lot this week :) 
We had a really good fast and testimony meeting Sunday. Something that I really liked was that as soon as the Bishop opened time for people to bear their testimonies, Pres Souza and Sis Souza jumped up and about 12 others got up without much hesitation to sit on the stand and wait their turn to bear their testimony. Talk about preparing for sunday :) We can prepare for the first sunday of the month knowing itll be testimony meeting and deciding before we get there to bear our testimony. There was no empty time between people, and Bishop had to ask that at the end, the time would be reserved for those already on the stand. After church we had lunch with a member and it was a really dynamic, really good experience :) Anairdes took us to eat at her daughter´s house and we met the whole family :) It felt SO good to be in a big family environment. We shared a home teaching message from the janurary Liahona about goals and restarting something. Anairdes´s daughter is less active because she works on sundays but has been thinking about trying to go back to church. The message was just what she needed :) The spirit was really strong in the house and Anairdes said it felt like before when they were younger and everyone went to church on sundays. I´m really grateful to meet her family. I know its really easy to let things come in the way of church on sundays. For example, a job opportunity, or a project for school, or someone in the family that isn´t helping, but its worth it to battle or resist and make church the priority. I don´t want to ever miss church if im not contagiously sick or bed ridden :p because the week is hard spiritually. You´re surrounded by people who don´t keep the commandments and that lack of support can be draining. But then you go to church and you get to renew the covenant you made to follow Jesus Christ and get energized :) Lets use an example of bed linens on the mission here in Brazil. We have the rule to take 2 showers every day, one in the morning and one before bed, so we go to bed clean, but its hot so we sweat a little or just normal use, after the week, we have to wash our sheets :p imagine if something got in the way, like oh im too busy, or... whatever it is. So you´re on week 2 with unwashed sheets... and then when the choice comes between washing your sheets or not, you think, well one more week wont hurt. What a gross idea :p Its the same thing spiritually. We need to go to church to wash our spirits of the gunk we´ve accumulated over the past week. Take the sacrament and feel the spirit. You know how good it feels to have a freshly made bed? :) It can feel even better to take the sacrament and go to sunday school. I am so grateful that Jesus Christ gives us the oppurtunity to repent, and that Heavenly Father forgives our sins when we ask for help and forgiveness. I´m learning a lot as a missionary. Thanks for all your support :) I love you! 
Sister Miess

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