I hope you´re doing well :)
I am great. Today we went to the center with our neighbor irma deisy for clothes for mission conference :) Yesterday was a really good day. I really like church when we have investigators because I know we´re doing a good job. I also like the sacrament because I can repent for what I need to improve on. We visited an investigator that didnt go to church in the afternoon to see how she was doing and she had fought with her husband and it made her late and she was so worked up she ended up not going. Her husband doesnt want her to go to church just to be a problem so he picks fights with her, or gives her chores to do (like the step mom in cinderella) so that she cant go. She prepares lunch the night before and irons his clothes so that everything is ready, but in the morning he tells her to iron different clothes because he wants to wear something else, or tells her that she has to cook the day of so that he can eat fresh food. The culture of marriage out of the church here is so different. Because of the gospel of Jesus Christ we can know that marriage is a partnership where the man and woman are equal and support each other. But she is really patient and supports the trials because she wants her family to stay united. She has been investigating the church for 2 years (Dry member) because her husband wont marry her, because itll mean she can get baptised. He´s a jerk like that, but she says he´s a good husband, its just about the church. I havent used her name but ill call her Gloria (thats not her name) anyways. Gloria is SUCH a big example to me of longsuffering. She knows that the church is true and has so much faith that she doesnt quit. She wants so much to be baptised one day and has faith that itll happen. We asked her to visit a less active with us and she went, it was the best lesson i can remember :) We marked with a less active and got to know his story. His parents are really strong in the church but when he was 18 he fell away and with 32 he´s thinking of going back but feels spiritually inferior, and a little embarrassed to have fallen away. We used the book of mormon to invite the spirit and talked about how church is for the spiritually sick who want to become healthy. We all need Jesus Christ´s medecine. We read from 3Nefi 17 about when Jesus Christ is in the america´s and invites the people to bring their sick so he can cure them. It is an event filled with so much love and compassion on his part for the sick. I felt the spirit because I could feel how much I needed Jesus Christ and the love that he has for me to offer his help. Gloria bore testimony that was so filling too. The irmao cried, it was exactly what he needed to let him know that Christ is helping him. After the lesson, Gloria told us that she thought people who grew up in the church had it easier, but after meeting him she realized that everyone has their own struggles. Its true. Our happiness and strength in life comes from whether or not we have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Not if our parents do, or if our friends do. We need to each develop our own. Like the parable of the 10 virgins in the bible. My main goal here on the mission is to develop my relationship with my Savior. Gloria said she felt like a missionary making visits with us, we marked to go back next sunday and she´s looking forward to it :) I love working with the members. They are the best way to connect what we´re saying to the life of the investigator. It helps when theyre not in skirts :p I´m really grateful for the members here.  Thanks for everything you´re doing back home to help the missionaries. You´re a huge support to me. Love you :)
Sister Miess

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