Hey family :) 
Thanks for your prayers. I hope you had a good week. This week in Aldeota went REALLY well :) I am so grateful for this transfer. First of all my companion, Sister McQuivey is really patient and likes to teach making sure people understand, so she speaks really calmly and makes eye contact. Sister Pereira and I went on splits and met an old couple carrying groceries and helped them take them home. They invited us in and THEYRE GOLDEN :) Such great people. Teresina and Raimundo. We´ve been teaching them and their spirits are so sweet and humble. Im really excited to see their relationship with jesus christ grow. They went to church sunday with their grandaughter Anapaula, and her son Eduardo. When Anapaula told her son eduardo she was going to take him to church his face lit up and he had a big smile with a few missing teeth because he´s 7 :) Its so great to see kids be excited about church! Im grateful for primary. This ward has a bunch of other little boys that he made friendships with. 
I included a picture of all the sister leaders in the mission :) We had leadership counsel this week and learned about how to improve our teaching skills about the book of mormon. Something that im learning about being a leader is that when i receive training, the important thing is to convey what i learned to the sisters i serve. If all i receive helps me be a great missionary then thats great, but i wont be a true leader until the sisters i serve become great missionaries too. I think thats something really admirable about jesus christ. He´s the best at everything, and the only thing he wants is to share his knowledge with us so we can improve and become great at everything too. I think parents learn the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences for this reason too.
Oh! Something I really liked about the ward is that we combined a meeting with the bishop and he shared the goals the ward has and some key things. It was really nice meeting with him and seeing his motivation for the missionary efforts in the ward. He is so loved :) That same night the ward had a suprise party for him after mutual for his birthday. But I think it comes from how selfless he is. Sunday during the talks, I was looking at him and all the people on the stand and Bishop pays SO much attention to the speaker. His face looks like he´s trying to memorize everything the speaker says. It was nice to see how much attention he gives to the members in the ward. I hope to give my calling and the people around me as much attention as bishop does. I am so grateful for being a missionary because I have never felt more free. I have never had more rules or tasks to fill my day with, or things to do for other people but that scripture about losing yourself in the service of others and finding yourself is true :) I have come to realize that true freedom comes from realizing that im a daughter of god, and my potential is endless. When I follow the commandments, i earn the support of God for whatever i want to do in life :) I was praying earlier today and just started to feel so good. I know that by making good choices I will always be able to feel the freedom that comes from Heavenly Father. I love you and hope you can pray and feel good about your choices this week :) 

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