A special week

This week has been so special :) 
I got a better understanding of what it means to be a daughter of God and the role im playing as a missionary here in Brazil. Sister Jones and I have been teaching a woman named Lucilene, the mom of a rc Glauco. She was baptized Sunday night :) I´m so happy for her because I know that she´ll better understand the love that her father in heaven has for her now that she´s accepted the path he created for her. We sang `families can be together forever` at her baptism.I was baptized about 12 years ago and feel like I just started to understand :p Its funny because when I was 14 I thought I had learned just about everything there was to learn at church :p But developing my relationship with Heavenly Father is endless. There´s no end to how much he can teach me. The progress that Lucilene made was a lot thanks to the members that went with us to teach her. Members that live in the neighborhood went to family home evenings with her and walk with her to church, she feels like she´s part of a family now.
I felt the love and mercy of my heavenly father today :) I lost my camera after the baptism and got really nervous and had trouble going to sleep thinking about where it could be. I prayed and asked that Heavenly father would take care of my camera for me. This morning I prayed and asked that it could be found by a member and tried to accept the feelings of calmness and not worry. Later i prayed again and asked if someone could call soon saying they found it, that would really help me feel better. A minute later Bruno, the first counselor to the bishop called and said he found my camera :) I thanked my heavenly father for the tender mercy. It showed me how much heavenly father wants me to feel good, and how insignificant something could be, because its important to me, its important to him. He wants to help in everything. 
I want to help people feel like they´re part of an eternal family. My companions and sisters in the house, and the people we visit. The covenant I made with Heavenly Father to be a missionary has changed my life so much from what I imagined before the mission. I know that the holy ghost can let us know what God wants us to know, and direct us to find the path that will give us the most happiness and help us stay on that path once we find it! My companion is my best friend at the moment, and the sisters in the house are close behind. They´re really big blessings in my life because when we talk we can ponder and bounce ideas off of one another and help each other feel uplifted. Like that hymn, have I done any good in the world today? I know that every good choice we make will strengthen us. Sometimes people dont like making good choices, example, fruits and vegetables or candy and chips. But when we make the decision to live the standards heavenly father sets for us, each good decision makes it easier for us to choose to be good. We become stronger willed. And if our will is aligned with heavenly fathers will for us, imagine the results! We´ll become spiritual giants :) 
I learned this in gospel principles sunday. I really like sunday school because it helps me keep my thoughts focused on the Lord. I know the world is hard, and Satan is a sour sport who tries to dampen our spirits, but when we pray and accept the help Christ offers, we have the strength to not just get through it, but progress through it! 
love you!

Sister Miess

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