Reaching our potential

I hope you're having a good day :) 
It is such a blessing to be in a house with sisters. Last night I talked to sister allen and read her seminary scriptures. They're so cool! She has a bunch of paper glue ins with words of prophets or leaders that i went through reading. It really helped lift my spirits. It was about the atonement. It sounds lame but until now I didnt realize how much I don´t know about the atonement. I just started realizing that it means I can change. Forever :p I thought the rate of velocity that I could reach my potential was set like a car. 0-60mpg in so much time kinda thing. But im realizing that its a whole lot more dynamic than that. I can accelerate from 0-30 or decelerate 60-20 or whatever I decide, depending on how much I use the atonement. Does that make sense? Something that I feel is really depressing is thinking that i have a limit. like... well thats as good as i can get, because its not. Someday I can be like my heavenly father and jesus christ. The scriptures of Sister Allen really helped, Im going to study them and have a goal to make my scriptures like hers someday. I love seminary and institute :) Im really grateful for being able to share spiritual knowledge and understanding because it helps me grow. We ate lunch w a young couple and the man served a mission 2 years ago and LOVES talking about it. I learned so much! It made me realize how important scripture knowledge is for a family. Its a priority for me. I want to be called as a seminary teacher so I can dedicate more time to the scriptures after the mission too. How is your scripture reading going? This week we had interviews w the president :) I´ve grown to love him and Sister Souza. I asked pres for a blessing because the last little bit has been a big challenge for me, and it really helped. I know that I´ll be able to be guided by the spirit and make good decisions clearly based on his guidance. I´ll be able to serve the other sisters and handle the responsibilities given to me. Everything based on my diligence to follow my heavenly father´s will. Pres told me I can talk to him about anything and ask for help. It made me realize im a little closed off about difficulty and try to be independent a lot. But I really like help. When I figure out how to accept help better, ill feel Jesus Christ´s love more strongly. 
I love you guys :) I hope you have a great week! 
Sister Miess

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