Texas packages!!

How are you? :) 
Im so tired! A lot happened this week. The best part was yesterday :) Juan and Romulo were baptized by their friends Victor and Samuel. It was such a special baptism. The bishop challenged them to all leave for their missions in the next year and a half and prepare together. Juan wants to go to Denmark, ha I think its funny to picture him in Denmark, but he´ll go where he´s called. One of my favorite things about baptisms is seeing the change that occurs in the people. Romulo said that he feels so much lighter now. That when he went down into the water he felt heavy but when he came up he felt really light. Its the strength of Christ´s atonement that lifted him up :) It was the first baptism that Victor and Samuel baptized. They were both nervous but did a great job. It is such a blessing to see a firm member and his friend, a recent convert, live the gospel and share it with the people they care about the most. 
Sister Jones and I went on splits and I was with Sister Hyzer :) I met her in the atlanta airport when we came to brazil (we go way back ;) ) I learned a lot from her! Particularly, she is really organized and has great plans on how to achieve her goals. One of my goals for the year is to get organized and make priorities. I know that Heavenly Father will support my goals and help make everything work together if I include him and strive to keep his commandments. 
I RECEIVED A PACKAGE :D Sis Jones and I went to the mission office for leadership counsel and I had a package and postcard from yolanda :) It made me super happy. First of all, yolanda has awesome taste in everything, second of all, it had a necklace with a pendant in the shape of texas which is awesome :) People have already asked about it, theyre like, is that shape something significant? yeah! ITS TEXAS :) haha, i love yolanda. About the leadership counsel, pres souza announced to us who the next pres would be :) Its kinda weird to see the president´s mission come to a close but im excited to meet the next president. He´s from sao paulo and he has a profile on lds.org for being a new pres. 
Im working on being patient and charitable. I figure one way is to do things before im asked. For example, my companion always sleeps with her water bottle cuz she gets thirsty at night. So if i see it in the kitchen at night and know she´ll want it, i take it to her. its kinda silly but i feel like its personal progress :p 
Have you read the liahonas lately? They talk allll about the family and the importance of being united. Family Home Evening is a commandment from the latter day prophets that can unite the family and create memories that arent only fond to think about later in life, but can act as a strength against future temptations or hard situations, remembering a lesson from fhe. I hope you guys have fhe together today :) you can invite the missionaries if you want, or plan for one with them in the future. 
have a great week! :) i love you guys
sister miess

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