Some of my favorite things

This past week has gone great :) 
Some of my favorite things about the mission at the moment: My companion Sister Jones and the sisters in the house, and the recent converts and investigators. 
Sister Jones is a really funny person. The mission is a lot of work! So being friends with my companion makes a big difference. When we walk to appointments we talk about our investigators or how awesome our bishop is or how we would have taught the gospel principles class differently :p or about our families and stuff. She´s helping me work on my social skills and I´m learning how to develop friendships better. I really like when we share what we´re learning with each other during companionship study because I can feel the love that she has for the gospel. The things she learns shows the love that our heavenly father has for her, and I can apply the principles to myself too and know that Heavenly father loves me. I learn a lot talking to her. 
How is scripture study going as a family? or companionship study as parents? Setting apart time to study and ponder things together unifies and strengthens. And it grows on itself because things we learn today, when we ponder them, give us questions of things we want to learn when we study tomorrow. Its great :) 
We are really blessed at the moment because our investigators, Juan and Romulo are so interested in growing their faith and preparing to be baptized that they´re a highlight of the day to teach. Yesterday Sister Jones and I went to buy shoes because we wore holes into the old ones :p the center of town has a bus system that got reformed and needless to say we got lost for an hour and a half. We were late for our appointment to teach Juan and found him with Victor on the street and they were like, `We´ve been looking for you two! Normally you´re punctual so we thought maybe something happened`. :) ha, and we explained the bus situation. 
Later Sister Jones said, Sister: we´re so lucky that our investigators are actually  looking for us so that we can teach them. Its conversion! Some people can taste the fruits of the gospel and actively search for it. (Some people are like young toddlers getting fed by a spoon until they can handle to eat on their own) But the gospel brings repentence, which is a power to mold character, and actually desire to keep the commandments and do what is right.  Like Alma says in the Book of Mormon 
  21 And now as I said concerning faith—afaith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye bhope for things which are cnot seen, which are true.
This new year is a fantastic time to make changes :) But even in my attempts to change and improve I mess up and feel like I´m obviously not going to accomplish the goal because look at my track record :p but that horrible thought is just temptation to give up! My personal pep talk that I keep having to remind myself of is that I´m going to mess up for the rest of my life, but I can actively seek good things, have faith in myself and hope that I can improve, and then everyday will just be a blessing of another chance I´ve been given to try again. That way I´ll progress (eventually) :) 
A tender mercy I received this week came from Sister Figueredo, we were in the same district in the CTM. She complimented me and said that she´s noticed my progress and that Im not the same person I was when we met. Sometimes I feel like I´m on a hamster wheel but that came as a message to me that Heavenly Father can see our progress even when we can´t. 
I know that change is possible because of our Savior Jesus Christ and that our Heavenly Father loves each of us personally. I hope your goals for the year go well :)
I love you, Sister Miess

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