This week was such a good week :) Sister Ferreyra and I experienced miracles and truly felt the desire of the Lord for his children to be baptized. 
Ronaldo is 16 and a super awesome young man who´s desire to follow Jesus Christ radiates, literally he´s just full of good character. He was baptized Sunday :) and it was funny because the man who baptized him was about 2/3 his height and he couldnt lift him out of the water once he was emerged so it was a struggle but Ronaldo didnt mind :) after he was back on 2 feet he came out smiling. 
His friend Matteus (15) is the reason for many prayers this week. The other pair of sisters before us had stopped teaching him for 3 weeks because he started to work everyday. but we knew he could be baptized so we found out where he lived friday night, ran to his house saturday morning with breakfast and told him we wanted to talk to him and invite him to be interviewed and baptized that night. he said he was late for work and that we´d talk when he got back. so we waited for him to get back and expected a miracle. taught him about baptism, prepared him for the interview and got permission from his guardian for him to be baptized. it was incredible :) answered prayers com certeza. that night at the interview of ronaldo, matteus was a no show... so we told him ok, tomorrow after church you can be interviewed and baptized. so the next day after church a family saw us walking on the street and offered us a ride, (yay!) and we showed up at matteus´s house the same moment he did! and talked to him, ok, will you be baptised today? and he said he needed to talk to his mom first, and works every sunday so he cant go to church. we found another job for him that could let him work sundays and told him Heavenly Father wants you to be baptized and go to church. He agreed to be interviewed. Later at the church waiting for Matteus Sis Ferreyra and I were anxious like, come on matteus, please show up. so we decided to pray. we prayed in this whole process but that prayer was different. we prayed and during the prayer i heard a door open and immediately felt happy. Matteus showed up :) Irmao Terra was his carpool for the interview and went to his house and he wasnt home. He felt inspired to take another route to the church and found Matteus on the street, and matteus was left without words. Heavenly Father is completely aware of each of his children and Matteus got that confirmed in the moment. terra said, get on the bike matteus, and they came to church. Matteus passed his interview and decided to be baptized :) but his mom who lives in another city and is a strong church goer in another domination said no, so we´re going to talk to her to get permission to make Matteus feel better. But really, when Matteus showed up, it was the best feeling. We knew without doubt that the Lord was helping and doing everything He could to help Matteus get baptized, even though the agency of the individuals didnt let it happen. We said a prayer to give thanks for the miracles. And we´ll be working extra hard this week because our testimonies were strengthened that Heavenly Father is supporting and accepting the work we´re doing as missionaries :) and the miracles are there for us if we ask for them. 
I am so grateful to be a missionary. The atonement of Jesus Christ has really transformed my life. Looking back on my teenage years its amazing to think wow, now I´m a missionary :) but whatever change you want to happen in your life is possible through Jesus Christ. The message of Jesus Christ is the message I´m taking to people. He lives and He has a church here on the earth where you can be baptized and cleaned of everything you´ve ever done, and start keeping his commandments and be clean. Heavenly Father loves us, and is so anxious for us to repent and turn into the people He knows we can be. Which one day will be Perfect! Like Jesus Christ :) Im suppeer super flawed but I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ I can improve. 
Last thing is please go to the temple and work on your food storage supply :) its been on my mind so i just want to mention it. 

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