The effect the gospel has in people

This week Lizandro was baptized :)

He is a testament of the effect the gospel has in people. He´s 11 from a part member family. His sister Elizabeth is 16 and had a baby this week :) the baby is healthy and really cute. His brother Leandro is 12 and is also a member and attended the baptism. When the sisters first met Leandro he wanted to play with his friends more than receive missionary lessons, but somewhere in the last couple weeks he saw the light of the gospel and got excited. He prays really sincerely, and is going to help his brother stay active. 
At the beginning of the week I was feeling stress but at the end of the week I understood better the importance of prayer. I know that Heavenly Father was aware of me the whole week and prepared a work for Sister Ferreyra and I to do. But at the beginning I was feeling worried like, how are we going to get everything done? Looking back now that i made it to p-day, I realize that even when I thought I couldnt do what was expected from me, that the grace of Jesus Christ was there the whole time, carrying me through the week. and little by little I´m realizing that I shouldnt worry so much :p Faith is hoping in things I cant see. So when I cant see how things are going to get done, or the result of what we´re doing yet, I just need more faith, because Heavenly Father can see the end results. 
I wouldve been able to feel better if I prayed more. Prayer is so important. I think ill be learning how to pray for the rest of my life :p ha but thats ok. 
At district meeting wednesday we were challenged to find a couple that same day who´s legally married (rare) and invite them to church so they can be baptized. It was promised that God would put one in our path for us, so Sister Ferreyra and i went out searching for the couple God had prepared. We met Maria Jose and her husband who are close to 70 years old, and after teaching them looked at each other and realized that was the couple prepared for us. We felt really happy and thought it was funny because I was expecting a couple a bit younger, but sometimes we receive blessings we don´t recognize because our expectations are different. Maria Jose is such a blessing to know! She has a lot of influence with her neighbors and has a strong desire to be baptised. Her husband was in the army and had an accident so he doesnt talk much, but shes going to talk to him and see if he wants to be baptised. 
We had leadership training this week :) I really like training because I leave with more energy to do the work. The AP´s give training for all of the zone leaders normally but they asked Sister Miles and I to give part of the training. It went well, I learn a lot from Sister Miles. She has a lot of talent to lead because she cares about the people more than the position she holds. Its a big blessing to learn from her. 
Have you guys gone out with the missionaries in your ward yet? When we have members to teach with us its tonnns better than when we´re alone. Because the person feels a lot more comfortable having someone from their own city who isnt wearing a skirt bear testimony that living the gospel of Jesus Christ brings them happiness, that they prayed to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and received an answer. 
Now is the time for missionaries and members to work together. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I promise that if you make time for the missionaries and offer to go to their lessons with them, you´ll receive divine help for whatever work you want to get done this week. You´ll have more energy to do the work, and the people you meet in the lessons will go to church if you invite them to sit next to you. They´ll be your new friends.

I love you guys :) Im looking forward to hearing how the lessons with the missionaries went. I´m praying for you. 

love, sister miess.

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