Thanksgiving week!

Happy Thanksgiving week :)

This week was full of miracles :) Specifically yesterday. Ha its like all week we work really hard and sunday the miracles come pouring down. Yesterday Fabioila (16), Elivanha(37), and her daughter Andressa (16) were baptised by someone who holds the Priesthood authority of God. The spirit was really strong. Two young women, Jessica and Livia sang ``firmes na fe`` a new yw song which was perfect for Fabiola and Andressa :) Theres 4 sister missionaries in our ward and we sang the childrens hymn``love at home``. The speakers who gave talks nailed the worries Andressa was feeling about being baptised in the bud! Josi, the seminary teacher gave a fantastic talk about how Jesus Christ was baptised and after baptism we still wont be perfect but we can always repent.
It was a challenge for Sister Ferreyra and I to help Elivanha and Andressa prepare to be baptized. They attended church last sunday and yesterday was their second time. But they almost didnt make it! We showed up to church and our LMA said that Elivanha was sick and wasnt going to make it to church that day. And the first thought is horror. Because as part of the qualifications for baptism the person has to go at least 2x to church before they can be baptized. So the baptism wouldve had to be moved, and without attending church the progress the person can make throughout the week is slower. The second thought was, give her a blessing for the sick and she´ll be able to come to church. So we get a group to take us to her house and when we show up, Andressa says she doesnt want to be baptized, that she needs more time to go to church, so next week she´ll go. ? :P that doesnt make sense. I need more time to get to know the church, so today im not going, next week ill go. That wasnt gonna fly with us. But satan was really working hard to get her to stay home, Elivanha received the priesthood blessing and got ready for church, and Andressa decided to go and support her mom´s baptism, and started to get herself ready for church. imagine a 16 year old getting ready for church... talk about patience ;P We finally get out the door and a man with a really bad spirit called Elivanha and said he had to talk to her about something work related right then. Simone, the wife of our LMA said to me, look at how hard satan is working to stop the baptism. and i said to her, he´s going to lose.  The man took her to his house (the neighbor) and we heard yelling and confusion and finally they come out of the house and we go to church. But we missed sacrament meeting :p Bishop served as a mission president for the rio janeiro mission and we asked him if we could receive the sacrament and still have the baptism. So some brothers prepared the sacrament for us and everything started to look up :) It was a spiritual battle. But when Elivanha, Andressa, and Fabiola were baptised it was the best feeling of happiness :) Andressa started crying she was so happy. Theres always going to be hardship before blessings. There was apostasy before the restoration, crucification before resurrection, remorse before repentance. But Heavenly Father is constantly aware of us, and wont give us more than we can handle. Im positive that the main reason things worked out was because we were praying constantly.

 DC 10:Pray always, that you may come off conqueror; yea, that you may conquer Satan, and that you may escape the hands of the servants of Satan that do uphold his work.

Prayer is what makes the difference between me as a weak person trying to accomplish something to, the daughter of God, receiving help from her Heavenly Father to achieve something.  
This week, make the effort to note how your prayers are being answered, and then please email me about it because I want to know :) 
I love you guys :) 

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