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Hey family :)

A lot has happened this week! The most exciting news is that Samuel and Bonaventura exercised their faith, repented and were baptised Sunday :) It was stake conference weekend. They are such awesome people. Samuel is 18 and his dad was our old LMA. his family is celebrating 2 years of member today :) and theyre planning on being sealed in the temple. and Bonaventura is 23 who´s here on a scholarship from afrika studying medecine. He really took repentence and church and this whole preparation process seriously :) The change in both of them was marvelous. With Samuel, our first visit he barely looked at us straight cuz he was blowing off the concept of us teaching him. Like yeah whatever, my parents have tried to send missionaries to talk to me before... but this week! He´d offer the prayer thanking Heavenly Father for the preparation he´d been making and for being able to be baptized. We ate lunch with his family sunday before the baptism and Pereira and Euzanir (parents) shared their testimonies of how they were feeling and it was really special. Bonaventura became famous this week ;) because President Souza talked about him in his talk at the adult session of stake conference and pointed him out so he gained a lot of new friends who all wanted to shake his hand afterward. He´s interested in serving a mission and really likes learning about the doctrines and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think he´ll get a calling soon. 
I´ve been transferred! ha :) it was a suprise. Last night was the actual transfer notice when our leaders call and say youre staying or pack your bags and be at the church in the morning. but last night they called and said that sis p and i would stay together so we slept in peace. until this morning... 6.30 the AP called and said sis miess needs to pack her bags and be at the church. I was called as a new Sister Lidera Treinadora and will finish the training of Sister Ferreira, but my actual companion is the other Sister Lidera Treinadora, Sister Miles. She´s going to finish the training of someone too. We live in a house of 4, and attend the same ward :) 
Our mission is blowing up in size. Theres a bunch of visa waiters stuck in the states that we´re praying for, but we receive about 30 missionaries each transfer. This transfer they received 6 sisteres i think... 
As far as the work all of these missionaries are doing :) its awesome. I think the Lord is preparing the area for the temple. ha like, lets get everyone ready so that when the doors open the members can fill it and tons of work will get done. Zona Bem Fica is the zone I´m part of, and numbers and goals wise, its really successful. Our zone leaders have the motto that they dont use the word almost, like we were almost the best zone in the mission, or we almost... theyre really motivating, and it helps us work diligently. The zone was what we call ``batizadores`` of october, and we´re working to continue for november. 
The thing Ive been realizing the most lately is that Heavenly Father really works with us according to our desires. If you have the desire to do missionary work, you´ll get the chance to help. I think I mention everyday to my companion how much I want to serve the missionaries after I get home because now that im one of them I realize I could have helped so much more. Ive turned into a member missionary ha, cuz they can release me, but ill always be able to help. Please take care of your local missionaries :) ask em if they want a ride on pday to the grocery store if they dont have a car or something, or show up with groceries, or let them borrow your christmas tree for december :) or idk what your current missionaries are like, but i hope you think about how to help them :) oh. ha whatd be really good is marking dinner with your neighbors and inviting the missinonaries, or a family home evening. tons and tons of ways to help :) I love being a missionary. Its the best, hardest, most rewarding thing I´ve done in life. 
Thanks for supporting me and the missionary effort :) 

love ya! sister miess

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