The Seminary Class

I hope your thanksgiving was awesome! :)

I received a card from the seminary class with all the signatures from the youth :) It was so cool, it made me feel really good :) The san antonio east stake is so strong, theres no comparison I think. 
This week Ive been reflecting a lot on the type of missionary that i am and it left me wanting to work harder. Its not possible for me to do this type of work on my own, I think its a miracle that I dont fall asleep in sacrament because we do a lot throughout the week to find and teach people and invite them to receive Jesus Christ in their lives. I know that my strength is coming from Heavenly Father´s support and Jesus Christ´s atonement and the prayers of other people. 
For half of this week I was visiting other sisters and their areas to see how theyre doing and how their area can improve. Its kinda like mom going on trips to evaluate the towns economy and use of resources :) 
My favorite day was with Sister Walker in Tuape. She asked for help on how to achieve daily goals. It starts with prayer, let Heavenly Father know what you want to accomplish that day and then work with faith knowing that you´ll receive guidance. So we said a prayer and started talking to people. The work multiplied! We talked to a group of women who gave a reference to go to someones house, and there were 3 people in the house and the parents had 4 grown sons who werent home but marked a time to go back. Then we found a woman coming out of a house at the same time that we were walking down the sidewalk and went with her to her home and met her family who accepted baptismal dates. 
I like going on divisions because it increases my faith and is kinda like a kick in the bum, like see? the work is here, go after it. So sister Ferreyra and I are going to work hard this week, starting with prayer, to find the people Heavenly Father is preparing to receive us. Its a little complicated because we´re learning how to plan and organize a lot. In our house theres 4 sisters. When Sister Miles and I go on splits, our companions team up and spend the day in one area or the other. But we´re getting better at planning with efficiency. 
I know that prayers are answered. Even prayers we dont say formally, Heavenly Father knows what we´re thinking and going through and wants to help. 
I love you :) thanks for emailing me, have a great week!
love, sister miess

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