Changes in people

I am having a really great time on the mission :) Sunday Allyson was baptised and he´ll be confirmed and given the gift of the holy ghost next sunday. Leonardo received the priesthood :) and at ward counsel they talked about calling him as a ward missionary. He is such a great person! We asked him for references and he said he didnt know anyone at the moment who we could teach and the next time we visited him he said he met someone (the lady who does his mom´s nails) and took us to meet her. He read the bible a lot before he met us, and he is almost done with the book of mormon already. I love seeing the change in people when they find the gospel. 
Elizabete has been an investigator for about 5 months now and last night we had a really great time talking to her. Two weeks had passed without teaching her because of her schedule and it turned into a party because she loves the sisters. She is so funny, she `prepares` for when we´re going to teach her and had bought icecream for us (typical americans) and after we ate the icecream she was like, oh wait, I have more! :) There are really great friends that we get to meet on the mission. She could be our grandma because I think she´s in her 60´s. I talked to her and she expressed her worries and concerns about being baptised because she didnt know if she could handle the lifestyle or have a calling because she travels to take care of her mom a lot and doesnt like public speaking. So we talked about other callings like family history work that don´t do much public speaking and she loved the idea! 
She was also worried she wouldnt fit into the mold of relief society because its full of married women and she´s never been married and doesnt have kids. But I told her about how my mom always talked about that, how we don´t really fit the mold of `mormons` because of little things in the lifestyle, like how mom travels for work and doesnt stay at home, but the important thing is how can you love and support your family as a woman, thats what we´re focusing on in the relief society. And my mom did that as a working mom, and talked about how grandma Miess was divorced and served a senior mission. Elizabete is very interested in serving a mission. It was a great talk and she accepted a baptismal date to pray about :) 
I can see how much Heavenly Father loves each of his children personally. I could tell that she was touched when we talked about the holy ghost as a comforter. Everyone should feel the love that Heavenly Father has for each of us because he is the most concerned parent ever. We can´t sometimes because we´re distracted or discouraged, but its there. And we can ask for it and he´ll send it to us.  
There is a play called Jesus the Christ that has 5 showings in different parts of fortaleza and some of my recent converts will be in it :) Juan and Romulo and Victor. We can go see it if we go with an investigator and Elizabete offered to take us :) She is such a blessing. 
My companions are great friends, it is so funny being with all americans. Right now we´re a trio but I think we´ll receive another missionary at the transfer because 5 new sisters are coming. I hope the new ones are friendly, but its been great :) We´ve joined the two areas together and work in both until we become 2 companionships again. Tomorrow we have interviews with President. dun dun dun! :p ha, itll be the last interview with President Souza because we´ll get a new president soon :) another brazilian. Things are so different here than they are in the states, but the gospel is the same no matter what country or planet i´m on, and I´m grateful for that.
I hope that you´re all doing well. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan and a purpose for everything, and that he answers our prayers. I love you :)
Sister Miess

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