General Women's Conference

This week we watched the general women´s conference and it was such a treat because my struggles were helped and I felt the spirit responding to my concerns. Not any huge things, just that feeling when you´re wanting to improve and don´t know what exactly what you need yet? I want to train myself that when I get that feeling I should just pray and go to the scriptures because it brings like a calm, don´t worry, lets take this one step at a time feeling and lines out what you can do. And I felt so much love. I want to show the people around me more love because I know they´re children of God, and by how I treat them, they can better comprehend that they´re children of God too. 
Leonardo was baptised and confirmed this weekend :) It was really special to see the difference he´s made in his life by choosing to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. ha he´s single and 33 and I told the women in the relief society, if any of you are single, Leonardo is a new member and doesnt have any bad addictions. (because to be baptised you cant smoke or drink and commit to strive to keep the commandments). But really we´re going to try to integrate him with some young adults that go to institute so he can meet someone ;) 
I think of how Heavenly Father said in the bible when He created Adam and Eve that its not good for men to be alone. It´s really not :p the family is ordained of God, and marriage between a man and a woman is the natural order of the family. At church the lesson sunday was on the family, a proclamation to the world. We´re going to start teaching the members at lunch about it because if their marriages are healthy, their families will be healthy. I read in the Feb ´14 Liahona about Spiritual power in priesthood quorums, and it said that the strength of the quorum comes from their unity. That applies in the family as well. The strength of the family comes from our unity one with another. Do you remember that ancient battle tactic in the meditteranean somewhere how the soldiers could make a circle and put their shields in front of them, and all the soldiers in the middle would put the shields above them so theyd become a huge shield bubble, that was virtually inpenetrable? Its from their unity. And the same thing exists emotionally and spiritually, that our family can be protected from the outside forces if we provide that strength of comeradity in the family. 
I´m really grateful for my family :) Im grateful that mom and dad prepared me to be baptised when I was 8, so that I could have the gift of the holy ghost for as long as possible. I´m grateful to know the importance of the family, and be able to serve a mission. I know that what I´m teaching is true. I know that Jesus Christ is my redeemer and Savior, and that God is my loving Heavenly Father. There was another talk in the Liahona about a woman that felt so overwhelmed because she had sons to raise and her husband to support and work to deal with and didnt know how to do it all. She prayed and had a dream that she was in a dark room and lit a birthday candle. She realized that the amoung of darkness around you doesnt matter, light is eternal and more powerful than darkness no matter what size the flame is. The same thing with us, no matter how weak we may think we are, the smallest amount of good is enough to make a difference. I´m really excited for General Conference because we can hear the words of the living day Prophets and Apostles. here´s the link to watch online next saturday and sunday, and for the women´s conference. 

I love you guys :) 
Sister Miess

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