:) So, im in a trio with sister lucas from north carolina and sister farthing from virginia.
Theyve been living together for the last 5 months ha and act like sisters. Its really fun because sis lucas has a lot of great ideas about teaching and our areas got joined together. 
This week we also got a new district leader, elder cannoy from houston, texas. 
How did you like conference??? :) It was soo good! The sessions get voiced over in portuguese but it just feels like home to watch conference, even if its in another language. It had everything I need to learn about. Especifically loving one another and being obedient. 
We teach an english class at the church every saturday that has about 40 people. Its awesome I´ve never seen an english class run by missionaries that worked so well on the mission yet. It was already running when I got transferred here but itll end in 3 more saturdays. Our LMA (WML) is planning a final session party. 2 of the students work as clowns and theyre going to put on an act and we´ll have kareoke in english with popcorn and stuff too :) From the english class, we went to teach some of them and 10 ended up going to conference this weekend! :) It was great. We always open each class with prayer and end with prayer. That might be weirder in the states but here its more widely accepted to pray for things. 
Jardison is one of the boys from the english class that is so wonderful! He is 10 and likes to go to church and wants to be baptised. During conference he drew pictures of the prophet and Heavenly Father and baptism. Smart kid :) He wants to go teach with us too, so we talk to him about how when he´s older he can serve a mission. When he grows up he wants to be a doctor and live in the united states :) 
I hope you have a great week! :) I´ll write you a letter. 
love, sister miess

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