I hope you´re having a good week :) This week for Easter we had a really nice program that Sister Farthing planned. It was a devotional based on a talk by Elder Holland about Christ. There was a piano feature by Sister Farthing, the ward choir, and solo´s that all themed around Christ and his sacrifice for us, his love for us, and his ressurection. I am really grateful that I can rely on Christ in my life. We have a deal, I remember him and he helps me. We made this deal when I was 8 and I got baptised. I promised to follow him and he gave me the Holy Ghost to help me. There´s a quote that I like from a talk that I included below, When I received the holy ghost, i became a different person. I was taken out of the world and brought into the kingdom of christ. I was blessed with responsibility for my actions, and I can change to become more like Christ. This deal doesn´t mean we´re equal or that Christ owes me anything. It´s his gracious gift that makes my happiness possible and if I choose to follow him he´ll take care of all of my mistakes along the way when i repent. 
I got to give a talk sunday :) It was based on The Living Christ, the testimony of the apostles, which is a really strong testimony of Christ´s life and that he lives. It strengthened my testimony to study the words of the Apostles and think about my savior.
I think I´m going to end up feeling like I fall short of something for the rest of my life, but that´s just because I have goals and I want to improve. With my goals set on becoming more like my savior, I don´t think its accurate to ever say im close (cuz lets be honest, thats a big gap), but every time i pray, i can get closer, and I can feel his influence. I´m really grateful for prayer because it helps me feel that hope and lifts my thoughts so i can relax and keep working. My companions really help me because we can talk about everything together and work with each other. I like learning about communication with my companions because we figure out how to help and uplift each other. We set goals together of things we all want to work on together, and we have personal goals that we try to support each other with. It helps me learn about how I should be with other people too. 
I hope you guys are well :) I love you!

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