this week was really special because Sabrina and Ronne were baptised and the branch members put together a really nice baptismal service for them. I am really glad to know them because they´re great friends. Ronne has already been accepted into the branch so well and acts like he´s been friends with Rogerio since forever, but they met almost 3 weeks ago. Sabrina is good friends with Catarina, another recent convert who goes to church by herself because her mom works on sundays and her sister doesnt live at home anymore. So they support eachother going to church together. When they walk with us they carry our mission bags and play `missionary`ha. 
We went to visit Maria with the casal Seganti earlier this week and Sister Seganti listened to her story and gave her support. She had trouble because her son slipped and drank again and it was really hard on her, so she went to fortaleza to visit her daughter and will come back tomorrow. She´s a fighter. Knowing her, it makes me understand that love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for us better. Because her son has really given her a lot of work, and she continues loving him. She suffers and cries and gives everything she has to help him, and really just doesnt quit. She gets super excited when he does well. When he wasnt drinking she was really proud of him and his progress. Its special because all of her family members have quit on him but she was always there, even when he mistreated her. I know that thats similar to the love Heavenly Father has for us, or whatever parent has for his child when there´s real love there. but It made me want to treat Heavenly Father better as his daughter because I know he´s there for me, like Maria is for her son Frankie. 
Yesterday after the baptism, a recent convert offered to buy a snack for us at another member´s house who sells food. and we said no thanks because its sunday, and the member that sells the food was like, come on sisters help me out. God will understand. 
---. That is the worst excuse ever. We said no thanks, we´ll get food tomorrow when its not sunday and went home. It made me realize, I dont want to justify anything i do with, God will understand, or some lame excuse like that. We´re the ones that are supposed to learn and understand God. Who´s the smart one here? us or god? so who needs to obey and who needs to understand? us. when we obey, then we´ll start to understand. 

I remember when my mom would talk to me like that, who needs who in this situation? you need me (mom talking to me). I´m dependent on my parents just like we´re dependent on our heavenly father. I know He is our Father and Jesus Christ his son is our Savior. If we depend on them like a child on his parent, we´ll have a really good life. I´m still working on submitting, but I know its our big challenge and its vital to our happiness. I hope each of you can find strength in submitting to Heavenly Father´s will for you this week. 
Here´s a link to a talk by Elder Neil A. Maxwell 

Have a great week family :) Love, 
Sister Miess

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