This week Sister Velasquez and I were really blessed to see Frankie´s life transform. 
He´s been suffering a drinking problem and has worried his mom (Maria, who´s cousin is a member) for the last few years. Recently it took a turn for the worst and he realized he really needs to change. We have been teaching him and his mom and this weekend Frankie stopped drinking :) He went 3 days and counting so far and you can see the difference!! His face is fuller he looks younger and there´s a light about him. His personality is really cool. He is 31 and his mom turned 72 sunday :) which was independence day in brazil. It was the perfect day for his first time at church :) And a great present for his mom. I know that Christ really transforms us. What we´re going through on the inside shows on the outside. And when we´re accepting christ in our lives, it shows :)  
We received great news last week :) That our group was approved as a branch :) The work is growing in Paracuru and the members are getting excited. New organizations will get leaders, like the young wome´s organization and the young men and such. Our recent convert Rogerio was asked to be our Ward Mission Leader and he prayed a lot to be able to do a good job. It was humbling talking to him this week because he had so many inspired ideas! I was looking at him and thinking, so this is what revelation in action looks like. Because he´s been a member for 7/8 months and was talking like someone who´s had this calling for years. (He´s never even heard of this calling before) I was really impressed and knew that the Lord really does inspire us. If anything I say seems smart or uplifts, its because the spirit inspired me, if it doesnt, you can know I came up with that all on my own ;) 
I know that the Lord qualifies the people He calls, and strengthen the people who humbly seek him. I was reading the general conference ensign today and felt calm and peace, like I was learning and becoming stronger. I know that the scriptures do that to us :) protect and strengthen. I hope that each of you read the scriptures and seek the Lord in your day to day rush. You´re lucky because you can read it on your phone or have it read to you :) But whatever you´re going through, the scriptures make everything better. We´re working with Frankie to memorize alma 12:34 :) he almost memorized it in just one visit. 
Have a great week, I love you guys :) 
Sister Miess

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