Sister Guana :)

so my favorite thing about the week is my new companion sister gauna :) she is full of energy and has a really good attitude. our investigators like her a lot and im so grateful because shes going to stay in the area for a good long while :) we are teaching 2 families that are really wonderful. One is a religious mix, the wife is catholic and the husband is christian and defends the bible with his life but doesnt actually understand what the bible talks about? when he met us he said we could talk to them but he doesnt believe in anything but the bible and doesnt believe joseph smith was a prophet. i told him, thats ok :) you dont believe (yet).  i asked him to please read the bible and look at examples of when god called a prophet. and we´re going back tomorrow. Its like president uchtdorf´s talk. Some people have a firm resolution that theyre right even when they´re not. but its just because they dont have all the information yet, and havent used the right tools to find it. Like when scientists thought that our galaxy was the only one that existed and there was nothing else beyond it. and then the telescopes became stronger and could see further, and found out that we´re one of an inumerable amount of galaxies. Same thing happens when the mind of an investigator opens to see the plan Heavenly Father has for them in this life and understand that the gospel has been restored. Thats what happened to me when I figured it out. I can see clearly how the events in the bible of god calling a prophet, the prophet guiding the people, the people rejecting the prophet and god calling a new prophet repeated many times. Every prophet taught the same gospel. and after the people rejected Jesus Christ and the apostles, God called another prophet in our days, like he has always done before, to guide his people and teach the same gospel. 
One time in highschool I was thinking, so we think jesus christ was mormon? that doesnt make sense... and after looking for understanding, heavenly father blessed me with the ability to comprehend what i was learning in church and seminary and see how it all connected. The reality is that Mormon (the prophet) was christian. A follower of Jesus Christ, who preached his same gospel. and mormon is just a nickname people give us. But we´re true followers of Jesus Christ, who follow the teachings of Heavenly Father´s prophets in the Book of Mormon and the bible as holy scripture. and anyone can find that out for themselves through study and prayer :) I invite yall to look for yourself and ask Heavenly Father to find answers, because he answers :) 
Something new that happened this week is that we dont have district meeting or zone conference anymore because the pres doesnt want us to travel so much in one day. (its a 3 hour bus ride) so we train ourselves :p Sister Figueredo and I take turns giving training for the other sisters and once a transfer our leaders come to visit and give the training. I dont like it as much because of the social aspect, not being able to see my friends, but as far as the training goes, we learn a lot :) and get home faster. So i understand the purpose. Also, Sunday was the first official sunday as The Paracuru branch with our new branch president and counselors. The secretary is a recent convert Mathew who is preparing for a mission. :) They rented a new house for us that can hold 100 people and has a pool. things are growing here in paracuru :) 
I love yall! :) I hope you´re well and have a great week. 
Sister Miess

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