Transfer day

Today is transfers! :) 
I´m staying in paracuru but my companion is going to fortaleza. (we were kinda feeling that she´d leave because she´s been here for 5/6 months already) Tomorrow I´ll meet my new companion Sister Gauna from Argentina. With Sister Velasquez we had a really good moment wednesday. We had companionship inventory and forgave each other for the things we didnt appreciate and mentioned the things we were grateful for about each other. She said she would forget all the bad and remember the good. When she said she forgave me I felt so much love and hope. I felt the power and strength of the atonement through her willingness to forgive me. 
Now I understand better what its like when Christ forgives me and remembers my sins no more. I have been extremely blessed with the companions Ive received on the mission. I´ve been able to grow with each of them because of things we go through and learn from one another. I have a goal to show love towards Sister Gauna. Oh! and Sister Hoggard from Nova metropole is going to be in the house too!! She´s Sis Figueredo´s new comp. I already love Sister Hoggard, so im really excited about that. 
General Conference was soo good! I want to watch it again, and I´m anxious to read the talks so I can study them. We dont have a real church building in Paracuru atm and the house we rent doesnt have an internet connection so we watched at a member´s house with our rc´s and pesquisador that went. The connection was kinda faulty and it froze a lot, so the 2 hour session was more like 2 1/2 hours but it was great. This time I made questions before the conference of things I wanted to know, and the questions were answered! We invite people to take their questions to conference to receive personal revelation and I wanted to do it too. It was incredible how the spirit taught me individually through the words of the prophets and guided my thoughts to answer the questions I had and help me organize my priorities and make new goals. The spirit always teaches me when I pay attention to general conference but this time was a lot better. I know that preparation makes a difference. 
Last week I went on splits with Sister Fernelius who is ending her mission (she goes home tomorrow) and it was so special to see her example and feel the love she had for me and others. She bore her final testimony at district/zone meeting and compared the mission to the plan of salvation. We leave our parents to go somewhere where we´ll learn and be tested, receive a family and show our faith, and then go back home with everything we´ve gained. 
I´m grateful for being able to return to live with my Heavenly Father and knowing that there´s more after death, because I would have a horrible feeling of nostalgia if I didnt know I´ll see all the friends I´ve made here in brazil again, if not before I die, after. These people have turned into my family. For example, Rogerio and neide had to travel this week to vote and visit their family and we were going to eat lunch with them saturday. So they made lunch for us friday night, left it in the fridge and gave us the key to their house and asked us to feed the dog :) We´re tight ha. I love you guys! have a great week! 

Sister Miess

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