This week in Brazil!

hows it going? :) 
this week in brazil has gone well. im happy and healthy and the branch is well. We had a meeting with the branch president to talk about switching locations and talk about how the activities are going and what changes we´d make. our ward mission leader Rogerio is a big help :) we had our first activity with him saturday that was meant for the couples in the ward and ended up being a ward activity in general because the kids and teens went. it was really good :) rogerio talked about his family and the message was on the importance of families and that we want to be united. every week will have an activity, one week will be youth and the next will be adults. and 2 youth were called to plan their activities with us :) 
Sister Velasquez and I were blessed to get to know Ronne, 31 years old. He has a strong desire to follow Christ. He even goes to seminary with the youth :) and accepts everything we teach really well. We met him through his sister Roniela. We met his sister on the street one day when we were walking to someones house and she was walking too, we went back to visit and met her brother Ronne and their mom Rita. Ronne will be baptised sunday and his family should be going sunday to visit too.  
I cant even believe how blessed I am to be a missionary :) the people we teach really become our friends. I am grateful for the plan of happiness God has for us because I know ill be able to see all my friends here in brazil in heaven and sooner if i can visit brazil after the mission. i am looking forward to general conference!! :) i really like reading the general conference talks in the ensign magazine, they help me learn how to improve, how to better understand Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father and feel their love for me. 
I really like when we teach people about Jesus Christ because I can feel that Jesus Christ really does love the person and want them to understand. The love that I feel for people doesnt come from me, I just met the person :p I know that its Christ´s love for them that the spirit is filling me with. 
I know that what i feel on the mission or what we can all feel in the temple is the example of what we can feel if we center our lives in christ and do what he asks. 
I hope that you´re able to make time for scriptures and prayer each day. i feel better when i read the scriptures and pray. i feel like im stronger. 
frankie and maria are doing really well :) yesterday when we passed by their house to go to church the neighbor said they werent home, they had gone to church already :) It was such a great blessing :) they were the first people to get to church yesterday ha, the doors werent even open. i really love them and am grateful for the effort theyre doing to follow Christ. So many times my investigators are examples to me, and give me strength to continue and want to be better. 
i love you guys. thanks for the support. have a great week!! 
sister miess

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