President Mazzagardi

This week has gone really well. 

We had a conference with President Mazzagardi that was really worthwhile. He taught us about our purpose as missionaries and the importance of planning. He talked about how Heavenly Father planned everything that he did. Examples, The world was created in 6 days, there was planning in that. Also each of our lives have purpose, He put us where we are for some reason. We are not born in our countries or to our parents for coincidence, Heavenly Father planned it that way and we accepted His plan before coming to earth, where here, we´d be tested based on our faith to see if we would return to live with him or not. But the plan is that if we follow Jesus Christ, we´ll be able to return without problems. He answered questions and was really funny. He also shared with us personal experiences that he had when he was finding out for himself if Joseph Smith really was a prophet. He had the question in his head, why did the restoration of the gospel have to happen in the united states? why couldn't it happen in brazil or another country? (aside from the united states being super blessed ;) and he researched and read a lot of history books and religious books and went to new york to visit and ask the people there about the big religious activity that happened in the early 1800´s. Turns out because of the Eerie canal, many different cultures and religions came together to help build/dig the canal, which was a huge advance in technology, preparing the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ. Joseph Smith didnt even live over there, but God plans everything out :) so there was a volcanic eruption on the other side of the world that covered the northern hemisphere with ash, and caused that the crops didnt grow well one year, which forced the farm family to move. It was God´s influence. Likewise I know that each of our lives are influenced by God so that we´re guided in the direction we need to fulfill his plan. For example, my decision to serve a mission was based on the parents God gave me, and my life experiences prepared me to better serve the people of Brazil. This mission has changed my perspective on life and how I understand God´s plan for me. I´m receiving the experiences I need here on the mission to prepare me for the rest of my life, college, marriage, family, being a friend to people. I´m learning a lot, and everything in each of our lives is being influenced and guided by Heavenly Father so that each of us learn about our potential and fulfill it.  He will help us in any way we need to fulfill our potential, and we can pray to put our lives in harmony with his will for us. I am so grateful for this gospel! :) for jesus christ´s help and the guidance of the holy spirit. They are great people. I know that the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and the spirit will let us know for ourselves. 
I love you guys :) 

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