Having faith

How are you? 
This week in brazil has been good, the weather is always sunny with lots of sun during the day and cool winds that come off of the beach at night. Yesterday was special because Maria went to church with us. About Maria: She is 72 years old and has 20 kids, but 12 died young, and her youngest still lives with her. He has a problem with drugs and alcohol, and one day she stopped us on the street and asked us to pray for her son. We told her we would and the next week we went back to talk to her and would ask her how her son was doing when we passed by. She invited us in one day when we were busy and I said no thanks we´re just passing by, and she insisted and I had the thought (I´m a missionary and this woman has faith, I have to pray for her) so we went in and she explained more about her family and we taught her a little bit and invited her to church, and she decided to go. And boy is she firm in her decisions. She had to make lunch early and leave it ready because church is 10am-12pm, and her husband got sick, and her son was drunk and oh by the way its a 2 mile walk in 90 degree weather, and Maria kept saying, I have faith, I´m going!! ha :) she didnt even stop to drink water, she went with us the whole way. and the BEST part is... that when we got to church, we found out that a recent convert is her cousin!! :) family is great. This gospel is family based and when we grow closer to Jesus Christ we really grow closer to one another - literally! ha :) 
Today we went with an investigator Jocelia to the center of fortaleza for fabric and here is a pic of her baby, Gabrielle during snack time :) Her dad says she can go on a mission when she turns 19. I know this church is true and we´re blessed for following Jesus Christ, 
have a great week! I love you! 
Sister Miess

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