This week has gone really well.
I started to get sick and decided I would not give in and would work anyways. It worked out because we had a productive week and I´m not sick anymore. Sister Molina is a great companion. We´ve been teaching a woman Cilda (45) and her grandson Arthur, (who is 1 1/2 ) ha and Arthur is the cutest thing! I´m not really the kind of girl that offers to hold people´s babies much, but Sister Molina is right at home playing with Arthur! Its helped me open up to playing with kids. I think I´ll need a nursery calling or something when I get back to help me. But Cilda is progressing really well. She went to a relief society activity this week and met some Sisters from the ward. This week we´re going to have a family home evening with her. 
I really like to read the conference edition of the ensign. Its one of my favorite things to do, I read and think about how I can apply what Im reading to my life and make lists of what I learn or think about. This week I thought about music and media. How the things that I listen to have an effect on me, and I might not notice it but over time theres a difference. Have you ever met someone and they just have a really good feeling about them? I think thats an effect that media has on our appearance. If we fill our time with good media and good thoughts, we´ll maintain our minds clear and give off good vibes. 
I met the ugliest woman ever the other day. I don´t just mean she wasn´t pretty but her spirit was so vile, I can´t imagine how awful it must be to live in the same house as her. Sister Molinda and I decided we would go around the neighborhood offering help to people. So we knocked on her door and asked if we could help her with anything, and in the grossest, most uneducated way exclaimed, if I need help God knows what I need and he´ll help me! Practically spitting her words out, she talked about how she had Jesus in her heart and it was so full of Jesus, there wasnt room for anymore Jesus and didn´t want to talk to us. We asked her if she knew if her neighbors needed help with anything, and she said her neighbors are her parents and they have their own problems that Jesus would help them with. 
She was so disrespectful. But it served its purpose. We found out her parents needed help. So we knocked on the next door and when her mom opened the door, she sees us and says, ``Ì´m evangelical``. and I reply, so that means you don´t talk to missionaries? and she opened the door :) We talked to her and she warmed up to us, and we found out her husband is in severe back pain and they´re waiting on a surgery to help him. We said a prayer for him and they let us mark a time to go back. I´m really grateful to be a missionary because the lord can guide us and use us as instruments in his hands really to help people. 
 i love you! :) 
sis miess

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