Paracuru is beautiful!

how are you?
Paracuru is beautiful!! its super windy from the beach and it feels chilly at night :) i love it! 
the people are really awesome. our group has a frequency of about 45 people and if we get 3 more priesthood holders itll turn into a branch. :) also if it gets to 80 they can ask to build a real church building. everyone is a recent convert so its funny to hear the hymns sung because there isnt a piano and people arent familiar with the tune yet, but we´ll get there. sunday nights we have a learn how to lead music class, so that someone can lead the music each sunday. you probably guessed that i was more than excited to teach the class :) 
lunch here is different because there are fewer members to offer us meals, but 4 days of the week we eat with members and the others we cook at home, im really excited because i live w 2 sisters from argentina and my companion is from peru, and they know how to make tortillas :) today i made german pancakes for breakfast, it tastes like what they call here bolo-mole or soft cake. and we´re going to learn how to cook from the members too. Rogerio taught us how to make cochinhas the other day :)  its like a fried chicken nugget ball? he´s like, when you go back to your country you can sell these. ha brazilians like to sell everything. 
to get to district meeting each week we take a 90 min bus ride, and a lot of other districts in our zone need to travel too, so our zone leaders decided to have group breakfast every week :) starting wednesday, which is also interviews with the president. im really excited to talk with president and receive the training from sis bonini. but also! sister lucas is in the same zone!! she works in pecem, for ramo pecem, our paracuru group is broken off from ramo pecem, so we`re practically working for the same ward. our zone leaders are really animated, and our war cry? (catch phrase) is fogo nos ossos :) translated into fire in the bones ha. i dont remember where it comes from but it made sense when they came up with it. i designed a shirt idea for it, we´ll see if the zone picks it wednesday :) 
im really excited to be here, in mission terms people say im `dying` like about to go home. so im like, you can run me into the ground, im gonna go out kicking ha. i love being a missionary. i know this work is from god and this church is true. have a great week! :) love, sis miess

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