Picture Overload! and Baptisms!

this week was really awesome! :) Sister Molina and I were blessed to help Cilda and Hennyo prepare for their baptisms. They were really excited about it. Cilda even walked the 30 min walk to church with her grandson Arthur in her arms. Talk about sacrifice. It was really special meeting them. Cilda we met on the sidewalk one day. We were trying to meet all the couples we saw and she was sitting with her neighbor, who doesnt even live there but it worked out because Cilda was wanting to find a church to go to. Her son died last year and it was really hard for her. We talked to her about baptisms for the dead, that we can be baptised in the name of someone who has passed on so that they can accept or decline it on the other side, that we all need to be baptised. Its a hard thing for some people to understand but Cilda was like, that makes sense. !! :) She was prepared by Heavenly Father to meet us for sure. Hennyo also. He had been to church a few times with his girlfriend and wasnt thrilled until he went to the priesthood quorum and felt the power of the priesthood he said. He´s thinking about serving a mission and likes learning about the gospel. 
The world cup has started! :) The streets are all decorated and people have parties, even at church there was a party haha :) We missionaries arent allowed to watch it but we couldt tell from our apartment what was going on because everyone shouted when brazil made a goal. I love being a missionary in brazil :) I sleep in a hammock, did i tell you? ha dont worry we have beds too. I think its part of the culture to try it. My companion sister molina from el salvador reminds me a ton of mom, the cultures are super close. I love you guys :) 

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