The Pioneers of Paracuru

this week in paracuru :) its been really good. I can tell that the Lord is watching out for us. Saturday we´re going to have a project fixing up the house where they hold church and putting the name plaque up! :) woop woop. historic moment in paracuru. Its a challenge to get people to go to church because its a 35 min walk, and theres a different church on every corner here of every different religion, and a lot of people are lazy and go to whichever one is closer, but it just means that the people that accept our invitation really have faith. they´re mormon pioneers of paracuru :)
This week I learned more about the importance of reading the scriptures and strengthening our faith to be prepared for the trials and hardships that can try to tear us down. The war that we´re in is spiritual, between who is on God´s side and lives and defends the commandments and who´s influenced by the adversary and doesn´t. Sis Velasquez and I felt under attack in one house earlier this week, we were teaching a mom and her teenagers who are REALLY into their religion and i think they texted their other religious friends to come because all of a sudden 6 people showed up with a bible and talked about how what we were saying couldnt be true. We testified of the truthfulness of our message and told them you can know its true too if you pray and ask God. and the woman was like, i dont need to ask god, i have the bible. :p umm... what do you think the bible is? the bible is only important because god inspired men to write it. Everything we do goes back to God, whether we acknowledge it or not, what we know and who we are, is because God gave us knowledge to know it and power to do it. 
In 2 Nephi 28:30, it says 
For behold, thus saith the LorGod: will give unto the children of men line upon line, precept upon precept, here littleand there a   little; and blessed are those who hearken unto myprecepts, and
 lend an ear unto my counsel, for they shall learn wisdomfor unto him that receiveth I will give moreand from them that shall say, We have enough, from them shall be taken away even that which   they have.

If people will use enough faith to ask God, for whatever reason, whether it be an investigator to know if this church is true, or someone who wants to know what step to take next in life, God will answer and give us enough to keep going, and itll build and we will gain wisdom. If someone thinks they are content where they are, and don´t need God, they will never grow. Imagine how much we can learn from God, who created Heaven and Earth and controls everything in it. I recognize that the only way I can progress is to ask God, try to be humble and willing to learn, and He will help me. I know that he wants to help each of us understand what to do, or how to do something so that we can learn. I love you :) I hope you ask God for help in prayer, that you may gain wisdom to take your decisions in life. and I know he´ll help. 
oh! :) 14 months ago today, i left home and took a plane to brazil to invite people to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. its been a really good experience. 
love ya! 
sis miess

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