this week in paracuru has gone well. 
I´m really blessed with the influence of people here like Euzenir, the future relief society president of the group :) She treats us like her daughters and shows so much love for those around her. There is Jose, a recent convert who has been inviting his friends to church for a few months and they havent been able to go yet, but sunday a friend of his went, and she really liked it! :) way to go josè. He knows whats right and stays strong in his persistence. 
Yesterday was exciting because Antonia, a recent convert who has trouble attending church because she works on sundays, went to church :) and her daughter went and she took a friend, Sabrina. Who is an awesome young woman (13) and wants to be a doctor. She is like my new favorite person to teach because she´s so smart. Her friend Luiz (12) likes her and she told him she´s not interested in dating until she´s like 20. WAY TO GO :D i got so excited when i heard that. She has virtue as a part of her personality. We´re also teaching luiz who is thinking of serving a mission in the future, and wants to be responsible and have a family in the future. 
Culture here is a little (a lot) weak in terms of marriage. Parents give their daughters away because they´re too expensive to feed and men wont marry them legally in fear of the commitment, they also dont want to lose their property in terms of divorce. Gosh am i glad that i grew up in a culture that still respects the image of a family and had parents that supported the dream of getting married. It is really sad for me when we teach a couple and the woman wants to get married and the man doesnt. She can´t get baptised until she keeps the law of chastity (dont have relations outside of marriage) and that leads to marriage or separation for the couple, and we dont encourage separation. So her eternal progress is delayed until she can keep this commandment. I realized how it REALLY is imporant what the youth learn at church about not dating until theyre 16 ( a little more mature and capable to plan their future) and then date with that perspective of find someone who you want to marry and start a family. Because otherwise, a few wrong choices and your future gets tied down real fast. 
example: accept a date with a guy that doesnt want to get married, get tempted and make big mistakes, get pregnant and get stuck with the guy that never wants to get married, dreaming of the day he´ll change his mind or crying because he left you for the girl down the street and is living with her now and you´re left living with your mom. or imagine being that guy that doesnt claim responsibility in his life. Its sad but common here. whatever our mistakes are, our answer is repent and be saved. or dont :p 
Repentance brings happiness. sincerely. the dreams come back out of the cobwebs and you can hope again, and see the future with new perspective and confidence in yourself. 
Our Ward mission leader and his wife werent married when they met the missionaries, nor were they thinking of ever getting married, but they did and their life turned for the better :) now the power of the priesthood presides in their home and their hearts are set on getting sealed in the temple with their 3 sons, aka future missionaries in training. Lucas (11) taught his friend Leticia how to pray yesterday in our lesson with her, and then Rogerio (7) prayed too and they encouraged Leticia to try and say a prayer. It was really special :) Look at the blessings of having a home centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ!! :) I could tell their mom was proud of them, but i can only imagine how great it must feel to see your kids teach someone how to pray. 
I am eternally grateful for the atoning sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ that he paid the price for our sins and gives us the chance to change and start over. and keep starting over, getting better and changing us until we become like him. I know that he guides this church, and is coming back soon, I hope that each of us can prepare for that day, so that we can feel his love and not feel embarrassed. I love you :) 
sister miess

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