Tranfer to Paracuru!

Guess What! :)
I´ve been transfered, and am now serving in Paracuru, its BEAUTIFUL, on the beach 3 hours away from where I was :) I´m sure it´ll be wonderful. 
I was sad to leave Nova Metropole because it was really starting to feel like home and the work was going really well. Sister Molina and I were teaching Francilucia and her husband Nino, and Fransisca and her husband Jr, who are getting their marriage licenses this week and getting married july 29 in a joint wedding :) She´s going to do a great job helping them prepare for their baptisms. I am in a house full of hispanics now!! :) ha, I feel like everything I wanted, Heavenly Father put into this transfer for me. I was thinking about practicing spanish more, (so he put me in a house of hispanics) I was thinking about how i love the beach, (on the beach) and want to run more (my new companion loves running) this city was really well developed, the roads are pretty and lead to the beach, so our morning runs are going to be really enjoyable. In nova metropole sis hoggard and i would run but all the roads are congested and full of potholes and buses trying to share the street with you :p ha, so im excited. guess what else!
here is a group! its almost has enough members to turn into a branch, and they meet in a rented house because they don´t have a church building yet. It´s my first time in an area that isnt a `ward` yet. But itll get there :) I was talking about how I need to learn how to cook brazilian food and thats part of this transfer too! (the members give lunch 3x a week and the other days we cook at home) ha :) I could finish my mission here, I think it has everything. I am really excited about getting to know the people the other sisters were teaching, and finding new people to teach. I´m going to pray and read my scriptures so that I can have the company of the holy ghost with me. The holy ghost will bring to my remembrance everything I learned over the course of my mission and apply it to this area. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, He is the best person I know, I want to be like him. I know that if I rely on him, he´s guide the work I do and i´ll be useful in fulfilling his purpose, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. I hope that I can always be useful to my heavenly father in their purpose. Thats one of my goals is to think, how can i help them? for the people im around. if i want to help them, i wont criticize or get annoyed because i care about them. I think thats our Savior´s attitude for each of us, how can I help her? and he does whatever he can. 
I was reading the book of mormon and get really impressed by the truthfulness of the book. It was written by real people, like a journal they kept of the spiritual experiences and testimonies they had of Christ, and historic events too. I know that anyone that reads the book of mormon sincerely, will know it is inspired of God, and He´ll answer their prayer if they ask for a confirmation of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I feel amazed at how blessed I´ve been in my life. With the parents I have and the family I grew up with, and being able to repent of my mistakes and feel loved by my Heavenly Father and Savior. I know he loves all of us with the same love and wants us to return to live with him. We shouldn´t let him down or screw up our eternity because of temporary things. I love learning about the gospel, it makes me feel really good inside. I hope you´ll pray and study something that will teach you about Christ´s atonement for us. Try searching for talks or videos :) 
i love you guys :) you´re the best! 
love, sis miess

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