Listening to the spirit

Sister Molina and I had a really good week :)
I´m glad we´re companions because we have similar work ethics, and can learn from eachother. This week we received a lot of help from our members. Theres an irma, Talita who is so funny :) She knows pretty much everyone in town. We went with her to teach some young men that we met, and the first time we taught their mom, she didnt understand much of what we said, so we went back with Talita and thanks to her influence, they understood and felt more comfortable and accepted baptism dates. What a difference! ha members might feel awkward going to lessons with missionaries but its the best thing for our investigators. They can learn a lot faster when members are present. Later on this week we went to the other side of town to teach a man and Talita knew him too! haha, talk about being active in your community. We received a new ward missionary, Anapaula who is a big help :) we did divisions with her and another member Leticia to walk with investigators to church sunday. I love the members, they make the mission really enjoyable. 
Last week we met a man, Carlos that said he wanted to learn about the church, but I think he was messing with us. His neighbor Paulo was with him though and was like no seriously, I know where the church is, lets go. We went back with a member to teach them and they werent there. So I didnt think much about them. But saturday we passed and Paulo was outside so we invited him to church and he said he´d go. Yesterday Anapaula and I went to walk with our investigators to church, and Lucas woke up when we showed up and still had to shower. We waited for him and I thought, I don´t know if we should walk past Paulo´s house cuz he might not have been serious about going to church and we´re already late... but then I thought, but what if he was serious, itll be so dissapointing just because you didnt want to pass his house... so we passed his house and he was outside waiting for us! I´m getting better at being sensitive to the spirit. I know it was the spirit talking to me, convincing me to pass by Paulo. Because he is important for Heavenly Father and he needs the gospel. He really liked church and we´re going to visit him to teach him for the first time later today.
This week we have a mission conference because our dear President Souza is finishing his mission. There´s a return sister missionary, Elen in the ward that got home 2 weeks ago and is helping us dress up for the conference :) And next month we´ll have another conference with the new president. I love being a missionary. It teaches me so much and opens my eyes to a lot of things i didnt pay attention to before. The most important thing is that I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and loves each of us personally. That Heavenly Father has a plan for us and wants us to do our part and return to live with him. I know that families can be together forever. I love my family :) 
Have a great week! 
love, sis miess

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