New president Bonini

this week a lot of things happened.
Its been a really good week. We met the new president and sister Bonini :) They are wonderful. They have 5 kids and a lot of love but theyre really strong. Pres explained his goal to work on helping people repent, cuz without repentence there is no baptism :) good point. The conference was fun because we got to see our friends in the mission again. but i forgot my memory card! ugh  :p so ill send more pics of the conference when i receive them from other missionaries :) 
(Here comes the bride...) We have 2 couples in our area that are working on getting married :) their weddings are scheduled for July 29 and they´ll be able to be baptised afterwards. It was so cute, we have an investigator Francilucia that told us one day, i asked my husband to marry me, and he accepted :) and when her husband came home, we asked him if we could mark a date in the cartorio, and he was like, I´ll marry her right now! :) haha. They have a 10 month old baby named maria Yasmin. 
Gabriel and Lucas, 14, best friends were baptised yesterday :) They´re way cool and want to serve missions in Japan together in 4 years. We´ll see if they get that lucky to both serve in Japan. But I met someone here that her and her best friend were called to the same mission and served in the same area :) talk about sorte. (luck) 
BRAZIL is doing really well in the world cup :) we have to stay home when they play here in fortaleza so we had a movie night where we laid our blankets in the living room n watched ``legacy`` a church movie about early day members around the time of Nauvoo. also, for independence day a family let us have american food :) we had hotdogs and made potatoe salad with doritos and fruit salad. it was great :) ill send a pic of the sister next week. great family :) we walked in and they had frank sinatra playing and had an american flag. ha not exactly church music but talk about members supporting the missionaries! :) 3 americans and 1 el salvadorenia in the ward. 
also, the schools are on break for the world cup and the young women are visiting with us during the day :) its really cool, they want to be missionaries too. Their influence helps a lot. In one lesson with a 14 yr old girl, they talked about doing their hair and marked a time for them to get together after a church activity. Way to go! I was really impressed with how easily they became friends and included one another. 
I love you :) We have transfers sunday so who knows if ill stay in my beloved nova metropole or not, but ill be praying for you and doing my best this week. 
love, sis miess :)

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