Mission conference

this week was mission conference and i saw my friends! :) Sis hyzer hoggard and lucas! 
We received a fantastic training about how to be christ-like. Normally we receive training on how to teach and follow up with investigators, but this was exactly what I was needing. The assistents to the president gave the training and mentioned the scripture in DC that says 
 Remember faith, virtue, knowledge, temperancepatience,brotherly kindnessgodliness, charity, humilitydiligence.
I have this section memorized but the assistent was like, these traits are the traits you should be working on, and it hit me like, Oh... well, its never too late :p ha so the first thing I needed to work on was brotherly kindness. I live in a house of hispanics and when I saw my friends I got so excited and ran to sit with them, so then I realized, I have to show loyalty to my current companion and the sisters I live with first and then I can talk to my friends after. We stood to sing the intermediate hymn so i got up and switched seats to sit with my companion. She didnt care that I had sat with the americans but I think she understood the gesture. 
Sister Zeller, my trainer and Sister McQuivey, an ex companion and Sister Miles, my sister training leader are going home this transfer. Our mission conference was split so half go to one chapel one day and the other half meet the next day in another chapel. Due to the split, I only saw Sister Miles give her last testimony, and it was really moving. Sister Miles is a role model in every way, I feel like I´m looking at the wife of an apostle in training when I see her, and her testimony really helped me think about my growth that I´ve experienced on the mission. I had the privilege to go on divisions with her after the conference :) it was so good. To go from Planalto to Paracuru it takes a 1.45 hour bus ride, and we talked the whole way. We talked about what we learned in the training about being christlike and what we´re working on personally and difficulties we have, and she helped me feel hopeful about the changes I want to make in my personality. Something she´s really good at is she always compliments other people about the things they do well. So when I see huge flaws in myself, she´s like, remember you´re good at a lot of things already! you can always be a little better. 
 I had a really good talk with her at night because she told me, just because we are a certain way, doesnt mean thats the way we have to be, and I felt the spirit like Heavenly Father was reaching out to me and preparing me to become a better person. Change is so hard :p its not comfortable and I get embarrassed when I try to do something I´m not used to. She told me a quote her companion told her. 
`Remember there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone`.  I wrote it down :) Something I learned with my companion is that patience is hope for the future. I´m trying to have patience with myself (hope in my future) that I will get to where Christ knows I can get to eventually. 
Something else I learned is that when I don´t feel capable, that´s kinda how I should feel because based on my own power, I´m really not capable. I need to depend on Christ´s sacrifice for these changes to happen and pray constantly to receive God´s power in my life and be changed. 
I hope this didnt come out in rambles, but those are some of the things I´ve been working on this week :) I love you guys! A lot!! I hope you´re all fantastic and having a great week. 
love, Sister Miess

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